othello act 4 quiz

propriety the quality of being proper
dilatory tending to delay
lechery excessive/offensive sexual desire; lustfulness
ruminate to consider a matter at length/to really think about
peevish dissatisfaction/discontented
entreat to make an earnest request/ask with confidence
impervious incapable of getting inside of/into
enmesh to entangle, involve, or catch in
cassio and desdemona and their supposed affair in dirty and specific details in order to anger othello even more and make him more jealous what is othello and iago discussing in the beginning of scene one?
his memory is beginning to fade away how is othello’s physical health affected because of his suspicions about desdemona?
he says that every man gets cheated on what comfort does iago suggest to assuage othello’s rage
she has the handkerchief, which upsets othello because the symbol of his love between him and desdemona is just being passed around. what does bianca have that throws othello beyond the reach of reason
singing, sewing, she is smart and beautiful, fine, fair, sweet what are some things othello explains desdemona is really good at?
his original idea was to chop her up in to a bunch of little pieces, but decides not to because of the mess and because he would not be able to go through with it while looking at her beautiful face and body. what is othello’s original idea to kill desdemona and why does he no longer do it?
to strangle her to death in the bed that they had sex in after their marriage. how does iago tell othello to kill desdemona
he slaps desdemona in the face because she was really happy for cassio for getting the job to be in charge and she says he loves him. what does othello do that shocks desdemona and lodovico
she cries then yells that she does not deserve that treatment, but still loves othello what is desdemona’s reaction to othello slapping her
he is a messenger from venice telling othello that he can come home and that cassio will be left in charge who is lodovico?
he tells him that othello always abuses desdemona like that and that he is insane what does iago tell lodovico about othello
he asks her if she saw anything happen between desdemona and cassio, and she said she sees and hears everything between them, but nothing ever sexual what does othello ask emilia in beginning of scene two, what does she respond?
he calls her a wh*re and says she is a cheater and a liar and that woman are all the same. desdemona said she did not do any of what othello was accusing her of. she is not being treated fairly by othello. what does othello say to desdemona and how does she respond. is this fair
he comforts them and is really nice and sympathetic, while we know he is just being manipulative how does iago respond when emilia and desdemona tell him about othello’s behavior
he tells them that othello just had a bad day at work and that it was nothing to worry about long term what does iago tell emilia and desdemona is the cause of othello’s behavior?
he is angry because iago promised him desdemona and he has gone broke by giving away all of his money and still has not gotten anything in return. he threatens iago by saying he will not work for him anymore and he challenges him to a duel. why is roderigo angry and how does he threaten iago?
he tells roderigo he has to kill cassio because then desdemona and othello will have a reason to stay where they are because they won’t have cassio to be in charge anymore what does iago tell roderigo he must do and why
his reward will be desdemona what will roderigo’s reward be if he kills cassio according to iago
she thinks that someone is feeding othello these thoughts and lies, but iago denies that and says it is impossible what does emilia think is causing othello’s behavior
he demands her to go to bed and to dismiss emilia, and desdemona is obediant and does as he says what does othello tell desdemona to do and how does she respond
she was her mom’s maid who fell in love, but her love went insane and left her, and she died singing a song that reminded her of their love. desdemona believes this will happen to her because of the story othello told her of the handkerchief who was the maid of barbary and what happened to her
she believes it is very wrong and awful and she can not believe how or why anyone would ever do that what does desdemona think about woman cheating on their husbands
she is more understandable about it because of jealousy, for a prize, husbands slacking at their jobs, and if the husband strikes his wife. what does emilia think about woman cheating on their husbands, what are some reasons
he calls her a wh*re, a liar, a devil, and wants her to go to hell, because he is trying to put up walls because he no longer has anymore love for her, and has uncontrollable emotions at the moment because of what iago has been telling him about her what are some examples of the harsh language othello uses towards desdemona and why
he begins to cry and then leaves the stage because of how upsest he is that desdemona is “cheating” on him, and because he exits, it helps with a scene change what does othello do during scene 2 as he verbally abuses desdemona and why
she is vulnerable and she only knows him as a kind and trustworthy guy, and she knows that he is close with othello why does desdemona turn to iago for help
because if she didnt, emilia would be a witness to othello killing desdemona, therefore ruining his plan why would othello have desdemona send emilia away
it foreshadows her fate because the maid had died singing the song and it would help her from insanity and from comitting suicide what is the effect of desdemona’s song
yes, the song shows that she knows something bad is going to end up happening to her, and she also adds in some of her own lyrics to the song as well, and she also told emilia she was going to die, and if she did, to bury her in the sheets she slept in with othello does desdemona have an idea of her own death
she believes in always doing the right thing and that no matter what she always tries to do the most right thing there is what does desdemona say about doing right and wrong
desdemona and emilia,,,iago and othello what two pairs of characters changed character traits
they are both being treated badly by their husbands, both accussed of cheating, both foil characters, both in conflicted marriages what are some similarites between desdemona and emilia
she is more insightful, cynical, outspoken, and confident, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and more argumentative. how has emilia changed