Othello Act 3 Test

3.1 What does Iago say he will do for Cassio? He said he will send Desdemona to him
3.2 What does Desdemona promise she will do for Cassio? She promises to get Cassio’s job back
3.2 How does Iago react to Cassio’s leaving? Othello thinks that it was Cassio leaving and thinks that he was having some type of affair with Desdemona but Iago reassures him it wasn’t Cassio
3.2 What advice does Iago give to Othello about jealousy? How does it further arouse Othello’s suspicions He suspects something but continues to love Desdemona, It is the green eyed monster.
3.2 What happens to Desdemona’s handkerchief? Othello drops it on the ground and Emilia stole it.
3.2 What does Othello warn Iago of? if he can’t prove that Desdemona is having an affair, Othello will kill him
What did Iago do before he had something key to his plan? He tells Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair BEFORE he has the handkerchief in his possesion
3.2 What was Iago’s reply to Othello’s warning? He say Cassio using the handkerchief to wipe his beard
3.2 What does Iago state about Cassio’s dream? That Cassio is dreaming about having sex with Desdemona but then ends up having sex with him
3.2 What will Othello do to Desdemona? kill her peacefully
3.2 What are the three commands Othello will give at the end of the scene? He will kill Des, Iago will kill Cas and Iago will become Othello’s new lieutenant
3.4 What dose Des realize she lost? the handkerchief
What is Des’s comment about Othello’s jealousy she thought the sun had baked all the bad out of him because he lived in Africa
3.4 As Othello asks for the handkerchief, what does Des keep bringing up in the conversation? Cassio
3.4 What is Emelia’s attitude toward men? They just want you and then when they’re done with you they throw you out. She realizes she is powerless but she is bitter about it.
What Iago talks about how the words he has spoken to Othello have quickly turned to poison, who is talking to? monologue
What is a huge turning point in Act 3 Othello turns from being noble, a leader and ‘perfect’ into a jealous monster who wants revenge
what is one sign that des is becoming too close to cassio? she says she will do anything she can to get Cassio his job back
what is ironic about iago’s characterization throughout act 3 everyone keeps calling him nothing but an honest man
who said this, who did they say it to and whyPoor and content is rich, and rich enough,But riches fineless is as poor as winterTo him that ever fears he shall be poor.Good heaven, the souls of all my tribe defendFrom jealousy! iago to othello because he is saying it is better to be poor money wise and happy emotionally than have endless money but be bitter
where does othello have a long MONOLOGUE? right after iago drops all the hints about desdemona
who said this, who did they say it toI will in Cassio’s lodging lose this napkinAnd let him find it. Trifles light as airAre to the jealous confirmations strongAs proofs of holy writ. This may do something.The Moor already changes with my poison.Dangerous conceits are in their natures poisonsWhich at the first are scarce found to distaste,But with a little act upon the bloodBurn like the mines of sulfur. iago MONOLOGUE
how did Iago convince Othello that Des was cheating with des he shared a bed with cassio and cassio was sleep talking and iago heard him and he was mumbling things about des