Othello Act 3, Scenes 1 and 2

Cassio Very upset. He wants his job back from Othello and to get back in Othello’s good graces. Calls Iago “honest, kind Iago”. Listens to Iago when Iago tells him to talk with Desdemona so she can help.
Clown/Musician Comic relief used to point out “wind” (Iago). The wind can change–it blows in many directions, and it can “control” a situatioin. Iago’s lies are like the wind.
Emilia She feels very sorry for Cassio. He is a good, honest man, and he did not deserve the demotion.
Othello Acting like a military General. He is concerned with the business of a man in the military.
Iago The “wind” blowing people in directions–according to his plan.
Relationship of Cassio and Emilia Cassio takes Iago’s advice and asks Emilia, Desdemona’s maid, to help him get time to speak with Desdemona. He wants to ask Desdemona to speak with Othello to put in a good word. This is part of Iago’s plan–Othello will wonder why Desdemona is so concerned with helping Cassio.