Othello Act 3-5 test

why start act 3 with a comedy routine there was a lot of heavy stuff at the end of Act 2, for comic relief
Desdemona and Othello already spoke about Cassio , why wont Othello reinstate Cassio immediately because Montano has fame and family name, wait for everything to die down, it was politically safe
what does this short scene establish that Othello will be walking and where he will be walking (past Desdemona)
Cassio is assured he will have his job back, so why is he sill scared he is afraid Othello will forget him (Cassio’s love and service to him)
why is it a bad thing that Desdemona say she will hound her husband on Cassio’s behalf when the rumors start to come it will be bad (about Desdemona and Cassio)
how does Iago make Othello suspicious of Cassio when they see him with Desdemona and Emilia he says is that Cassio? why does he look so guilty?
Othello presents Iago with the perfect opportunity to talk about cassio and his “intentions” with Desdemona, so why does Iago hesitate he doesn’t want to seem too eager ad turn Othello off, it seems more honest when you hesitate
what is ironic about Iago saying someone’s good name is worth more than money he is ruining people’s god name, he told Cassio reputation doesn’t matter but now he is saying he does
how does Othello feel about jealousy, so what does Iago tell Othello to do then he has to see it with his own eyes to believe it, then he will believe it, Iago tells him to watch Desdemona and Cassio together
what does Iago say about Venetian women, why does he bring up Desdemona’s past they keep their affairs unknown, planting in Othello’s head what Desdemona did to her dad
why does Othello repeat Brabantio’s words he’s lost his security
what 2 things has made Othello feel has made him more likely to be Cuckolded he’s black and he’s privileged (rich and powerful), not ordinary
why is it important that Emilia found the handkerchief, why would she give it to an eager Iago, what will Iago do with it because Iago can use it against her, she wants to please him, he will put it in Cassio’s house
Othello threatens Iago because he can’t stand the accusation against his wife, what makes Othello calm down some all Iago did was what you told me to- the truth
what dream does Iago claim Cassio had, what other proof does Iago does Iago claim to know about sleeping with Desdemona, the handkerchief -the first thing that Othello gave Desdemona and Iago said he saw Cassio wiping his beard with it
what vow does Othello and Iago make together, who will kill whom Iago will do anything for Othello and Othello will for sure get revenge, Iago will kill Cassio in 3 days time and Othello will kill Desdemona
why does Desdemona think Othello is NOT a jealous person, why does Othello deliberately ask for the handkerchief, what story does he tell about it because he is black-from Africa, he knows she doesn’t have it (he thinks Cassio has it), his mother gave it to him and she got it from an Egyptian and it has magic in it, it has magic to subdue the one you love
why won’t Desdemona just tell Othello that she lost the handkerchief, why does she eventually say it’s Othello’s fault she’s afraid he’ll say he doesn’t love her; because he didn’t tell her it was curse when he gave it to her
why is Iago bringing Cassio to Desdemona he is asking for his position, Iago has to keep Cassio on it
why does Desdemona think Othello’s mad, what does Emilia mean wen she says “They are not jealous for the cause, but jealous for they’re jealous. It is a monster Begot upon itself, born on itself must me something to do with war-Venice or state; she sees men as jealous creatures; they’re born jealous, he’s jealous because he’s jealous
why does Cassio give Bianca (his lover) the handkerchief, what does she think when she sees it he want her to copy it; she thinks It’s someone else’s
where did Cassio get the handkerchief, why doesn’t Cassio keep Bianca by his side Iago put it in room, because she’s a prostitute and he can’t walk around it
what is point Iago makes about honor a lot of people don’t deserve the reputation they have
what does Iago claim Cassio said him, why does he tell this lie to Othello that he was in bed with Desdemona, so Othello will go along with his plan and will make Othello even angrier and more jealous, to drive the point home with Othello
Othello says his strong emotional reaction to the rumors of Cassio and Desdemona must mean that there’s some truth in the rumors, or he wouldn’t feel that strongly. what is wrong with this logic if it was always like this, why didn’t he feel something before “with nature”
what is the “medicine” that Iago speaks of lies, his plans
why does Iago think it’s better to know if your women is cheating the idea of being the fool is awful and not being a fool is better
how will Iago make it look like to Cassio is confessing to sleeping with Desdemona asking about Bianca but make it seem like Desdemona
why does Cassio laugh when talking about Bianca, why does this enrage Othello because Cassio is just using her and Othello thinks Cassio is talking about Desdemona
why does Bianca show up to give back the handkerchief and fight with Cassio
how does Othello want to kill Desdemona at first, why does he like the idea of strangling her in their bed with poison, because it is the same bed she contaminated
why does Othello hit Desdemona, what is Desdemona’s reaction to being it she is taking about Cassio, she just cries
Iago has a chance to slander Othello when Lodovico questions him about Othello’s outrageous actions, instead of speaking against Othello what does he tell Lodovico to do watch and judge for yourself
why do you think Othello is questioning Emilia about the possible affair, what does Emilia mean when she says “For if she be not honest, chaste, and true, there’s no man happy. the purest of their wives is foul as slander” he thinks she knows, he is seeking confirmation because he is about to kill Desdemona; if she is not true to her husband no women is
why doesn’t Othello trust Emilia’s words or an innocent-seeming Desdemona as the keeper of the prostitute Emilia would not say a word-she’s protecting her
poor Desdemona has no clue why Othello is suffering when he plainly says what he thinks, why does Desdemona think he might be crying she doesn’t think she did anything wrong, she thinks it’s a problem at work or her father is trying to get him called back to Venice
why does Othello throw coins at Emilia his way of symbolically saying Desdemona is a prostitute and she is the keeper and trying to humiliate both of them
Iago tries to comfort a weeping Desdemona, why does Emilia say she has a right to be upset she gave up her family and everything she had just to be with Othello and because she knows he is turning on her
what does Desdemona ask of Iago, why does Desdemona still love Othello even after he called her vile name and mistreated her to talk to Othello; he’s her husband out of unconditional love and she refuses to believe anything bad about him
Roderigo is threatening to leave again, what does he intend to do before leaving though to go to Desdemona and get his money and jewelry back
how does Iago manage to convince Roderigo to not only stay in Cyprus but to kill Cassio he convinces Roderigo he’ll get Desdemona by killing Cassio because his death would keep them (Desdemona and Othello) in Cyprus
why does Othello tell Desdemona to go straight to bed and to dismiss her attendant, why is it fitting that Desdemona had the wedding sheets laid back in the bed because his plan is to kill her, she thinks he is going to be nice and restart their marriage; because her love will end in the same place it started
what does the song “Willow” foreshadow it foreshadows death or a loss of love
how does Emilia feel about wives cheating, why does she blame it on the husbands it’s not their fault, it is the husbands fault because he wasn’t fulfilling her needs and if he cheated he was the example and if he hurt her she should be able to cheat
how does Desdemona feel about blaming others for what you do you shouldn’t learn evil from evil but good from evil
Roderigo doesn’t want to murder Cassio, so why will he do it to help his situation to get Desdemona, he figures it is just one guy
why is it important to Iago that both Roderigo and Cassio die, how does Iago make sure he won’t be hurt or found out R-so then he doesn’t have to pay him back, C- have his job and he overshadows him in everything; he does it from behind and runs
why won’t anyone help Rederigo and Cassio when they’re hurt and dying, how does Iago manage to stab Roderigo to death they don’t know what is going on and it is dark; he is trying to get revenge for Cassio
what is Iago trying to blame on Bianca, why do Bianca and Emilia get into a fight she set it up and killed Cassio, Emilia called her a trumpet and she said if I am you are
why does Othello feel that he must kill Desdemona, Othello compares Desdemona to candlelight, what’s the major difference between putting out the candlelight and Desdemona so that she will betray no one else, you can relight a candle but there’s nothing that can bring her back
why is Othello trying to get her to pray, what does h mean when he says “I would not kill thy soul” to confess her sin so she won’t go to hell; “I won’t send you to hell”
why does Othello say he will kill her for the love she gave to him he blames her for the love between them and the love lost between them
why does Othello feel that killing Desdemona would be a sacrifice not murder he is ridding the world of and adulterer, ridding any other man from her
why does Othello thing Desdemona is crying for Cassio, why is she really crying because when she cries she heard he died-he though she loved it; really because her friend was tricked and she was about to die
Othello smothers Desdemona, if she’s supposed to be dead, how is she still able to speak he didn’t do it enough
why doesn’t Desdemona say Othello killed her with her last breaths, Othello can easily hide behind Desdemona’s confession, so why do you think he then says he did it she loved him even to her last breaths, she stayed faithful to him; because he wanted to prove that she was a liar
why does Emilia, who’s been a dutiful wife, say her husband was lying, why does she feel she must speak she wasn’t going to allow Desdemona to be slandered, she’s had it and for the first time she stood up to Iago, she says she’ll never go home again
who is Gratiano, what happened to Brabantio Desdemona’s uncle, he died of grief
what finally makes Othello realize he’s been played Iago, why doesn’t he kill him, who kills Emilia Emilia’s testimony about the handkerchief, Montano disarms him, Iago
how does Iago escape, why is Othello left in the chamber with Emilia and Desdemona he just leaves, he’s under house arrest
how does Othello feel he will be greeted at his judgment he’ll go to the gates of heaven and Desdemona will throw him down
what is an honorable murder not in hate but all in murder
why does Iago say he will never speak again, how do they find out what happened anyway so they don’t know what he did; his last little dig at them and there’s letters in Roderigo’s pockets
what punishment do they give Othello, what about for Iago stripped of any title, power and house arrest until the Venetian Court decides something; he will be tortured
what does Othello mean when he says he loved not too wisely but too well, what does he blame his extreme jealousy on he wasn’t smart enough to know she wouldn’t cheat on him; the manipulation
what is given to Gratiano, what is given to Cassio all of Othello’s stuff, Othello’s job and position and gets to torture Iago