othello act 3

who brings in the musicians? why? Cassio brings them because he wanted to make Othello feel better
what does Cassio ask the clown to do He ask clown to get Emilia to help him to talk Desdemona
what does Emilia agree to do for Cassio she agrees to the idea that asking Desdemona to convince Othello to give Cassio’s possision back
what is Emilia’s opinion of Cassio She is being respectful to Cassio
what task does Othello assign Iago Othello assign Iago to do duties to the senate about fortification
what will Othello be busy be doing he will be walking on the works
why do you think Shakespeare included such a brief scene? what is the function of this scene? it shows that Othello trust Iago
what are Cassio and Desdemona talking about in this opening scene they are talking about Desdemona is going to ask Othello to give Cassio’s lieutenancy back
what is the irony in line 50in the statement made by Desdemona Dramatic irony. She doesn’t know what she is saying
in line 89 what do you think of Desdemona’s knowledge of herself and her situation? is she as obedient as she sees herself, for example? she doesn’t know what situation she is in, but she knows that she has the power to convince Othello as his wife. She is not that obedient because she rushes othello when she tell him about Cassio
why does Cassio leave Desdemona quickly when Iago and Othello arrive he thought to stay there with Desdemona would not be helpful to resolve his situation
how does Iago raise suspicion abouDesdemona in Othello’s mind he makes othello trust him strongly, and puts desdemona’s handkerchief by Cassio’s bed and lie to Othello that he saw that he was using it.
how does iago end up with desdemona’s handkerchief he takes it from Emilia and put beside cassio’s bed to make fake evidence between relationship cassio and desdemona
what does iago promise to do within three days he promise to kill cassio
are surprised that iago turns othello against desdemona so quickly? why do you think iago is successful in persuading othello to condemn her? because he had detailed plan. he made othello trust him and acts like he is a gentle neutral men. and then slander desdemona and cassio.