Othello Act 2

where does scene 1 take place? sea-port in Cyprus
What news does the Third Gentlemen bring to Montano? the storm had destroyed the Turkish ships, and the war is over.
Who arrives before Othello? Cassio, Desdemona, and Iago
Describe Cassio’s opinion of Desdemona and Othello. he approves of their marriage.
What complaint does Iago have about his wife, Emilia? she talks to much
What do Iago, Emilia, Cassio, and Desdemona discuss while they wait on Othello’s arrival? how women are deceptive and critical, no matter how attractive they are
Who does Iago say Desdemona has already fallen in love with to Roderigo? Cassio
What plan does Iago lay out for Roderigo? try to publicly anger Cassio so that he tries to hit Roderigo so his good reputation will be ruined
What news does the Herald bring to the soldiers at Cyprus? Othello is having a feast to celebrate the victory over the Turks and his nuptials
Where does scene 3 take place? outside the castle in Cyprus
What is Cassio’s first name? Michael
What job has Othello given to Cassio for the night? watch over the drunken guards and keep watch
What have Othello and Desdemona not done regarding their marriage? consummated it
What does Iago try to pressure Cassio into doing?Why? drinking more wine he wants him to get drunk so he is easily angered
What does Iago say about Englishmen? they are expert drinkers
What does Iago lie to Montano about that has him worried? he tells Montano that Cassio is alcoholic
Why do Cassio and Montano start fighting? Montano says he’s drunk
What does it mean that Montano is “hurt to death”? he is mortally wounded
How does Othello refer to Iago? “honest”
How does Othello punish Cassio for disturbing the peace? he discharges him
What does Cassio tell Iago he is most worried about when Othello exits? his reputation
What is Iago’s advice to Cassio? plead with Desdemona to talk to Othello about reinstating him
What is Iago’s plan now? while Cassio is asking for Desdemona’s help, he will suggest to Othello that they are lovers (and get his wife to help to talk up Cassio to Desdemona)
What does Roderigo tell Iago he is ready to do? give up on Desdemona and go back to Venice