othello act 2

how does the setting shift? it now takes place on the island of cyprus
Why is Desdemona worried about Othello Becasue Othello is leaving Cyprus to go fight on his ship
Do Iago and Rodrigo really think that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers no, it was just a rumor
who does Iago suspect of having an affair with his wife Cassio
what does Iago’s speech reveal about how he feels about women that he does not respect women
What is Iago trying to convince Rodrigo that Desdemona will get tired of Othello and now is your chance to make a move
what backs up Iago he said that Desdemona is that type of lady
how is what Iago sadi to othello different from what he said to Roderigo about Desdemona he thinks he is noble and has a loving character
whats the effect of the repeated word honest, what is this an example of? a constant reminder of the dramatic irony inherent in Iago’s dealings. None of the characters in the play have any idea of Iago’s plans and evil intentions
How does Iago try to tempt Cassio? does it work? his first plan is to get cassio drunk, second plan is to get Rodrigo all fired up and fight cassio, first plan works but his second does not
why do you think that Iago makes sure Cassio gets drunk So he will not be in control of himself.and spill about Desdemona and fight Roderigo
what does Montano now believe about Cassio as a result of Iagos manipulations Cassio fights offstage with Roderigo, and comes forth, chasing him; Montano tries to hinder Cassio, but Cassio just ends up injuring him. Montano feels that Iago is out of control.
what is Iago pretending to be? Iago plays Othello’s loyal friend, something he most definitely is not.
how does Othello punish Cassio for fighting Dismisses him from service.
What flaws does Othello show in his speech Self-consciousness would be his biggest flaw, in addition to being incapable of showing his wife love on a personal level. He cannot separate their public and private relationship.
how does Iago get cassio to go to Desdemona he said that he might get his position back if shes on his side
Would shit now have gone down if cassio didn’t drink. what if he didn’t succumb to peer pressure yes he might have never fought Rodrigo, because Iago basically forced him to