Othello Act 1 Vocabulary (Crossword)

signiory The parliament of Venice
visage The face of a person, statute or the like, especially in regard to its appearance or expression
gullible Readily believing & thus easily tricked or deceived – a good word to describe Roderigo
preferment the act of promoting or being promoted to a higher position or office
mandate an authoritative order or directive
open behaving without secrecy; frank; candid; forthcoming
charms the capability to allure, delight & please ; attractiveness
beseech to request urgently; implore
moor a member of a northwestern African Muslim people of mixed Berber & Arab descent
griefs troubles
inararery an act or behaviour characteric of a knave; dishonest dealing; trickery
malevolent wishing or doing evil to others; ill willed; malicious
counsel guidance or advice, especially as given by an authority or wise person
lieutenant (in othello) a deputy or substitute acting for a superior; also an officer rank in the military
hate to dislike intensely; feel hostility toward; loathe detest
Florentine Someone from Florence, for example Cassio
Ottomites Turks
Elope to run away secretly with a lover, especially marry & usually without consent of parents or guardians
cuckold a man whose wife has sexual relations with someone else
galley a large, low ship of ancient & medieval times that was propelled by oars & sometimes by sails
exotic having a foreign origin or character; strikingly or intriguingly unusual
prejudice an opinion, judgment, preference or conception formed without knowing or examining the facts
kinsmen male relatives
Jahus roman god with two faces
racial the theory or opinion that a certain race or races of people, usually one’s own, are suprerior to others because of certain inborn characteristics
jealousy envious or suspicious resentment, as of another’s success, good fortune, or good qualities
prattle to talk in a foolish & childish way; chatter meaninglessly
enchanted to put under a magic spell, or was if under a magic spell; bewitched
potent having strength; powerful
tupping having sexual intercourse with