Othello Act 1 Theme Examples

“He is all talk and no action. He has no experience, but he got the job. I have proven myself to Othello many times, but was overlooked for the promotion.” Jealousy
“If my outward actions were a true reflection of what’s in my heart, then I might as well wear my heart on the outside. I am not what I seem to be. Appearance vs. Reality
“…Spoil his pleasures…let the climate he’s enjoying be plagued with flies. You can take the shine off his pleasure.” Jealousy
“You’d rather have your daughter covered by an African horse. You’d rather have your nephews neigh at you. You want coursers as your cousins and Spanish horses as your family!” Interracial Relationships
“So, although I hate him as much as I hate all the torments of hell, I have to pretend I like him. But that is only pretence.” Appearance vs. Reality
Iago said to Othello,”He went on and on and said such disgusting things about you, so much that I found it difficult to stop myself.” Appearance vs. Reality
“Iago stepped in front of Othello and drew his sword to protect him. Roderigo, in pretence, drew his sword too.” Appearance vs. Reality
“The Duke couldn’t do anything else but feel this wrong as though it were their own, because if such actions were allowed, our statesmen would all become slaves and pagans. Interracial Relationships
“Iago, He’s honest and trustworthy. He can bring my wife and anything else your grace may want to send to me.” Appearance vs. Reality
“I hate the Moor. My cause is deeply felt and yours has as much value. Let’s work together in our revenge against him. If you can cuckold him, you’ll be getting pleasure and I’ll have some fun.” Jealousy
“He began to plan his revenge. Cassio was a good looking man. How could he get Cassio’s position of Lieutenant and get his revenge on the Moor at the same time? Jealousy
“The Moor had an open and trusting nature, thinking men are honest when they only seem to be so, and could be led by the nose as easily as a donkey.” Appearance vs. Reality