Othello: Act 1 Study Guide

What is the setting at the start of the play? Venice, Italy.
Why is Roderigo mad at Iago? Iago is spending too much of his money and he is not seeing any results from the plan.
What is the reason Iago gives Roderigo for his hatred of Othello? Othello took his general position, he lost the general position to a black man, and he is upset that Cassio got the second in command job (lieutenant).
Why does Iago say he follows Othello? To gain his trust.
When Iago states “I am not what I am”( I,i,66) what does he mean? He is not who he pretends to be. No one knows the real Iago.
Name two things Othello is compared to by Iago and Roderigo. . Black ram, barbary horse, and devil
What does Roderigo tell Signor Brabantio? His daughter is sleeping with Othello in graphic detail.
Where do Roderigo and Signor Brabantio go at the end of the scene? To find Othello to rough him up.
What does Iago ask Othello about his marriage to Desdemona? Why is it significant that Iago ask that? Are you fast married and is it real? Are you really in love?He wants to be able to break him completely with something that will really drive him insane.
How does Othello answer? Absolutely.
What does Brabantio believe Othello must have done to get Desdemona to marry? Magic or drugs.
Where do Brabantio and Othello go at the end of the scene? To the Duke.
What important news is being discussed at the beginning of the scene? The war with the Turks.
What important information does the messenger bring? That the Turks are going to Cyprus.
What reasons does Othello give to convince the Duke and Brabantio that his love for Desdemona is real and is returned by her? He tells them to ask Desdemona. Desdemona should come and speak to the court and she will confirm it.
Who does Desdemona most owe obedience? What reasons does she give for this? Her husband, Othello. Her mother chose her husband over her father and she in turn will do the same thing.
When Desdemona finds out Othello is going to Cyprus, what does she ask of the Duke? If she can go to Cyprus with Othello.
In Iago’s soliloquy he mentions a new reason why he hates the Moor. What is this reason? He believes Othello slept with his wife, Emilia.
Explain Iago’s plan that he outlines at the end of scene III. To convince Othello that his lieutenant Cassio and wife Desdemona is having an affair.