Othello Act 1 Quiz

What is the setting of our story? The streets of Venice in the 1500s
Why does Iago believe that Cassio should not be lieutenant? Support with a line from the text. Cassio has never been in battle; he know strategy from reading books but he is not as experienced as Iago”Mere prattle without practice” “Forsooth a great arithmetician”
Fully explain the double entendre (dual meaning of): “O treason of the blood!” (I.i.191). 1)betrayal of her father and family2)her passion is betraying her common sense
Compare the movement of the Turkish fleet in scene iii to Iago. What is Shakespeare doing? The Turkish fleet is getting ready to make their move on Cyprus. Similarly, Iago is preparing to make his move on Othello. Shakespeare is trying to compare the Turkish fleet and Iago and possibly represent Iago through the fleet.
Why does Brabantio think that Othello must have drugged his daughter? Write a line that supports your answer. 1) Moors were believed to have magical powers so it would not be absurd2) Brabantio does not think that Desdemona could love a Moor if she was not under a spell”Whether a maid so tender, fair, and happy, so opposite to marriage that she shunned the wealthy curled of our nation, would ever have, t’incur a general mock, run from her guardage to the sooty bosom of such a thing as thou” (I, ii, 85-90).
As told by Othello in his story to the Duke, how did Desdemona hint to her interest to/in Othello. Explain fully. Desdemona hinted her interest to Othello by stating that id he had a friend that loved her, he should teach him how to be as strong and brave as Othello and tell his story like he did, because then that friend would woo her.
Where does the Duke suggest Desdemona go while Othello is in Cyprus? Return home with Brabantio
By the end of Act I, how does Brabantio feel about Desdemona? Support your claim with a line from the text. By the end of Act I, Brabantio feels betrayed by Desdemona and does not want anymore to do with her. When the Duke proposes that Desdemona stays with Brabantio, Brabantio states, “I will not have it so” (I, iii, 274). Brabantio also warns Othello that “She has deceived her father, and may thee” (I, iii, 334).
In his soliloquy on pg 55, Iago outlines his plan of Revenge on Othello. 1) What 2 things does he hope to accomplish? 2) How is he going to do it? 1) Get money from Roderigo and get revenge on Othello for “sleeping with his wife”2) He has convinced Roderigo to sell his belongings to become rich. He will begin to tell Othello that Cassio is becoming too intimate with Desdemona.