Othello Act 1 Questions

Explain the type of setting that Shakespeare establishes at the beginning of the play. What does the setting convey to the audience? Venice on a street (Italy).
How does Iago believe that people are promoted within the ranks? What effect does his commentary have on the audience? “Preferment goes by letter and affection”. Iago believes that favoritism/personal preference overpowers worthiness. The audience believes him(?)
What does the audience learn about the relationship between Roderigo and Iago? How does Iago manipulate Roderigo? Iago is controlling and manipulative to Roderigo. Iago manipulates Roderigo by taking his money(?)
Shakespeare begins the play with two secret acts. Explain each deception and the effect that they have on the tone of the play. Iago’s secret disliking of Othello is revealed and Othello and Desdemona eloped, which left Brabantio furious.
Make a list of images that Shakespeare uses to describe Othello. What do the images suggest about Othello? Moor, lascivious (lustful). Leads the audience to believe Othello is a member of a northwestern African Muslim people and is lustful.
Using examples from the play, illustrate how Brabantio’s attitude toward Roderigo changes throughout the first act. Why do you think Brabantio’s atiitude changes? “When Roderigo first calls to Brabantio, Brabantio isn’t happy to see Roderigo. He says “the worser welcome”. When Roderigo tells Brabantio that Othello and Desdemona had run off, he says “on, good Roderigo””(quizlet user ethan_swincicki) I believe that Brabantio’s attitude towards Roderigo changes because Brabantio begins to trust Roderigo.
Explain the irony in Iago’s discussion with Othello after Iago has just left Roderigo at Brabantio’s house. Iago acts as basically a fake friend to Othello. Othello begins to trust Iago and believes him when he says that no one will reprimand him for eloping with Desdemona, but in reality, Brabantio is looking for Othello with the intention to punish Othello.
Explain the confusion when Iago and Othello see men approaching Othello’s home. What do we learn about the men’s characters in this conflict? Iago believes that Brabanrio is after Othello, but it turns out that it is Cassio with the Dukes orders for Othello. The audience/reader learns that Iago is dishonest and that Othello has nothing to hide.
Why is Iago unwilling to be present when he is talking about Othello’s marriage to Desdemona? Cite two instances where Iago avoids being involved. Iago is unwilling to be present when he’s talking about Othello and Desdemona’s marriage because he convinced Brabantio that she’s only in love with Othello because of witchcraft.
How does Othello contradict the image Iago has portrayed of him to the audience? Othello is kind and honest.
Explain the parallels and symbolism between the distraction of the Turks approaching Venice and Iago’s deceptions. ????????
Explain the difference in tone between these two references to Othello: Act 1, Scene 1, Line 137, and Act 1, Scene 3, Line 53. In the first quote, Othello is referred to as being “gross”, while in the second quote, Othello is mentioned in a more positive tone, as he is described as being “valiant”.