Othello Act 1

Othello description a noble moor, general in the service of the Venetian State. Married to Desdemona, fought in many wars, black man
Desdemona description daughter of Brabantio, wife to Othello, white lady
Brabantio description a senator, father of Desdemona
Roderigo desciption a gulled Venetian gentleman, in love with Desdemona
Iago description Villainous ancient to Othello, uses people to make money/takes advantage of Othello and Roderigo
Why does Iago hate Othello? Othello gave Cassio the promotion that Iago thought he deserved.
What are Iago’s feelings towards Cassio? He hates Cassio because he was chosen as lieutenant instead of himself. He also thinks that Cassio knows nothing about war
What is Iago’s opinion on serving others? Iago serves people to take advantage of them. Iago sucks up to every beck and call in order to become rich and have his own servant
How is Othello a tragic hero? Because he is gullible and allows himself to be manipulated by Iago instead of trusting himself.
What does Iago tell Othello about Roderigo? Iago tells Othello that he wanted to kill Roderigo because Roderigo told Brabantio of the elopement.
Why does Iago challenge Roderigo? Iago wants to start a fight. He wants Othello to kill Brabantio so that Roderigo can get Desdemona and he can inherit money.
How does Brabantio describe the elopement? He claims that Othello put a spell on Desdemona in order for her to marry him.
What does Othello tell about his marriage? Desdemona use to listen to all of Othello’s war stories and fell in love with him. When she confessed her love for him, they eloped.
What does Iago and Roderigo’s conversation reveal about Iago’s character? Iago does not care about anyone except money. He takes advantage of everyone in order to get more money.
What is the purpose of Iago’s soliloquy? To share his plan of how he will ruin Othello’s marriage. He will make Othello think that Desdemona is messing around with Cassio.
abhor regard with disgust or hatred
iniquity immoral or grossly unfair behavior
moor an African Muslim that lives in Africa
soliloquy an act of one speaking their thoughts aloud
usurp take a position of power illegally or by force