Othello Act 1 & 2

Othello main character; general within the army; married to Desdemona; tragic hero
Desdemona othello’s wife
Iago second-in-command of Othello; wants revenge on Othello for not being promoted into higher ranks; known as honest even though he is not
Brabantio Father of Desdemona
Roderigo In love with Desdemona, but was rejected by her
Emelia Wife of Iago
Cassio Lieutenant of Othello
Montano Officer of Othello; gets into fight with Cassio
Stage Direction italicized, not meant to be read aloud, tell the actors how to set the scene
Monologue a group of lines spoken by a single character who is alone on stage/ out of earshot of the other characters; usually depicts a character’s inner conflict
Dialouge typical format of lines in a play; a conversation between two or more characters
Aside a comment made by a character on stage, not heard by the other characters, just the audience; mean to represent the character’s thoughts
iambic pentameter 5 feet unstressed stressed
Tragedy the type of play othello is
1603 when was othello written?
Sonnets and Plays What did Shakespeare write?
Venice and Cyprus Setting of the Play
Cassio Who does Othello Promote
Iago Who doesn’t Othello Promote
Iago and Roderigo Who wakes up Brabantio?
Cyprus What island do the characters leave for at the end of act 1?
Othello and Cassio Who does Iago want to sabotage?
The Wedding and defeat of Ottomans What is being celebrated in the beginning of Act 2
cassio and Montano Who fights in Act 2
Cuckold he husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision
Moor a member of a northwestern African Muslim people ; Othello is refured to as one
herald an official messenger bringing news
nuptial a wedding
choler to be angry
knave a dishonest or unscrupulous man.