why is Roderigo angry with othello Roderigo is angry with Iago because Iago knew that Cassio got the promotion instead of him. He feels like he portrayed him
why does iago say “go ahead and despise me if i don’t hate him” he needs to assume that he is on his side
who has othello promoted to lieutenant othello has promoted Cassio to lieutenant. Roderigo says he was chosen because he favored not because he deserved it
why does iago remain in the military under othello’s leadership iago remains in the military under othello’s leadership because he wants to take advantage of him; he sees himself as a servant who looks loyal but is really just looking out for him
why do iago and roderigo call othello racist, derogatory names iago and roderigo are racist towards othello because they dislike him as a leader, they also look down on him because he is an african foreigner descent
for what reason do they call on barbantio to tell him that othello and his daughter desdemona got secretly married. they plan on sabotaging othello
why is barbantio angry over desdemona and othello’s marriage barbantio is angry over desdemona and othello’s marriage because his daughter has fooled him and gone behind his back. he said that you should not trust his daughter no matter how obedient she acts
why is roderigo upset over the marriage he is upset because he wanted to marry desdemona. he doesn’t think that she should be with a moor
why is othello unaffected by barbantio’s potential threats regarding the marriage to his daughter ——
in the beginning of 1.2 in what ways is iago scheming against othello ——-
according to barbantio why has desdemona married othello
why does othello refuse to fight
what confusion is there regarding the turkish fleets —–
what do the senators and the duke think of othello they think highly of othello, calling him brave; they tell him that they need to send him to fight with the turks
what physical weakness does othello claim to have claims to be awkward in his speech and isn’t a smooth talker
according to othello, how will this matter be solved —-
explain how desdemona came to fall in love with othello fell in love with his stories of his adventures in which he was brave
why did othello fall in love with desdemona he fell in love with her because she felt a deep emotional connection to his stories
explain the meeting of Duke’s quote: “Men will use their broken weapons rather than his bare hands” at this point; Desdemona has not come in but othello has explained his side of the situation the duke says at this point it sounds like men are never willing to admit defeat and that sometimes you can use your weakness to manipulate a person. men will hurt themselves by fighting with “broken weapons” and end up hurting themselves
explain desdemona’s response in 1.3 that she left her father just like her mother left her father because she is genuinely involve with othello
what advice does the duke give to barbantio with his proverb the duke tells barbantio that is he can’t change something that he probably shouldn’t cry about it. accept defeat and move on, do not dwell on the past because you will live in your misery
why must othello return to the war with the turks the venetians are being threatened by the turkish fleets and they needed othello who is the best general to fight
where will desdemona live while othello is away the duke says that desdemona should stay with her father, which is quickly rejected. Desdemona wants to go with othello, but ends up staying with iago and emilia. they will meet othello in cyprus
with whom does othello leave desdemona with until she can join him with iago and emilia
explain imago’s belief regarding human’s ability to choose who we are and how we feel iago says that we control our emotion, our fate and that our bodies are our gardens
why does iago continue telling roderigo to fill his pockets with money to win her over with gifts.
what is the real reason why iago hates othello he has heard rumors that he has slept with his wife, emilia
what is iago’s plan of revenge against othello says that he will convince othello that cassio is having an affair with desdemona in order to try to receive the lieutenant position. he also says that he will kill to birds with one stone
explain two reasons why cassio is upset in 2.3 lost reputation and rank
what advice does iago give cassio to restore his military position to confess to desdemona
what flaw of desdemona’s does iago hope to use against her kindness, lacks wisdom, forgiving
what other plans is iago making regarding his plan of revenge is to make cassio drunk and to get him into a brawl that will ruin cassio’s reputation and cause him to lose his position
list he insults iago throws at emilia nags him, scolds, lazy; active in bed but lazy in house work
what is iago’s excuse for talking down on his wife iago is naturally critical
what is iago’s simplistic view of women thinks that they are generally annoying; deceivers; treats them as property
what action does iago notice between cassio and desdemona that he will use in his plot cassio kissing desdemona’s hand; being curious
how does iago characterize cassio to roderigo a devilish knave; young and handsome
what does iago ask roderigo to do to cassio? what will he do after? make the island of cyprus be against him & remove him from his post
what does iago admit about othello in his closing lines in 2.1 that he loves othello and is jealous and that he is a dear husband and nice and loving
what is emilia’s role in iago’s plan regarding cassio and desdemona to use her to plead cassia’s case to othello
othello sees cassio as he is leaving his wife’s company. why is this apart of iago’s plans othello’s jealousy for his wife might get the best of him seeing Desdemona with cassio will give him a motive to hate cassio and break it off with desdemona which could lead her to be iago’s
how does iago act when at first mentioning cassia’s probable involvement with desdemona; why is this so effective he comments on how bizarre it is the cassio was talking to desdemona and left as soon as othello came- implying that something is going on between them
why does iago continually speak good regarding cassio as a person; how does iago use this as a ploy to entrap othello he wants his plan to go through indirectly and knows othello’s weakness better than othello knows himself. he implants little hints inside othello’s head by complimenting, later than dishonesty about cassio’s character and amplifying othello’s jealousy by implying that desdemona goes for cassio
what three facts regarding desdemona and othello’s marriage does iago use to further bring doubt into othello’s mind othello’s jealousy and insecuritydesdemona’s kindness and vulnerability he drops uncomfortable hints on how nice cassio and desdemona were to each other and made it seem like it would bother him if he was othello and desdemona was his wife
how will desdemona’s pressuring of othello reinstate cassio convince othello of her alleged affair she is persistent and vulnerable. she wouldn’t let othello alone and she further said that she wouldn’t rest well until othello considered cassio’s case; she suggested little days that othello could consider it when he says “not now”
othello is back and forth between believing iago and believing the truth. explain othello’s statement: “if she’s unfaithful, then heaven is faithless to itself” he sees desdemona as his heaven. by comparing desdemona to heaven he’s implying that iago is lying and if his sweet desdemona is not faithful, then neither heaven is as great as it seems
why did iago ask his wife to steal desdemona’s handkerchief its a great symbol in othello and desdemona’s marriage and he will be used in iago’s master plan
what is othello’s reasoning regarding the fact that he would have better not knowing about desdemona’s affair he knows that his jealously brings out the best of his anger which brings out the worse in him now that he knows it will bother him to the point that he might end up hurting his wife which is his way of solving the problem
how does iago effectively lead othello from being close to killing him to provoking him to stop and think he tells othello to watch desdemona and cassio closely which steers othello’s attention from him the again he tells othello that he probably is overreacting