When the play opens, what has Othello just done? eloped with Desdemona
Why has the Duke called for Othello? A Turkish fleet is preparing to attack Cyprus
Describe Othello’s background. captured and sold into slavery / bought his freedom / fights battles as a warrior / lived in caves and deserts / witnessed cannibalism
What attracted Desdemona to Othello? She fell in love with his mind. She enjoyed his stories of battles and adventures. She felt sorry for his background.
How odes Iago feel about Othello? He considers him to be someone easily manipulative. He is angry towards him because Othello did not promote him.
How does Othello feel about Iago? Othello considers Iago to be his most trusted advisor. He thinks he is a man of honesty and trust.
What is Iago’s plan at the end of Act I? to make Othello think Cassio is too intimate with Desdemona
animal imagery old black ram / white ewe
theme – deception Iago appears to be Othello’s most trusted advisor, but is plotting against him
What do they believe has happened to the Turkish fleet? The storm overtook it
Why is Iago so sure that Desdemona will leave Othello for Cassio? He thinks she will get bored with him and that Othello is not as attractive as Cassio, who is a small-talker
How does Iago plan to get Cassio to let down his guard? He wants to provoke him by giving him alcohol, so that he will fight Roderigo
Who rats on Cassio for starting the brawl? Iago
Why does Othello believe Iago? because he is supposed to be his most trusted, honest advisor
What is Cassio’s punishment from Othello? He is discharged from his position as lt.
What does Iago have to say about a man’s reputation? Physical health matters more. Reputation is a useless, fake quality that others impose on people.
What is Iago’s plan to help Cassio win back Othello’s favor? He will confide in Desdemona to get her to convince Othello to get Iago’s job back
How will this plan work to Iago’s benefit? He will draw Desdemona and Cassio closer to one another, making Othello doubt his wife’s loyalty to him and ignite his jealousy
After Othello and Iago see Cassio talking to Desdemona, how does Iago begin his manipulation? He notes to Othello that Cassio left abruptly, showing guilt
How does Desdemona step in on Cassio’s behalf as she pleads his case to Othello? Cassio spoke up for Othello when they were courting. Othello owes Cassio.
What famous metaphor does Iago use to describe jealousy? green-eyed monster – Jealousy destroys you more than it does anyone else
How does Iago manipulate Othello? by feeding Othello’s self-consiousness
What words of Brabantio come back to haunt Othello? Desdemona lied to her father to marry him, so maybe she would deceive Othello as well by cheating on him
How does Iago build Othello’s trust through Act III? He pledges his loyalty and says he loves him
Who steals Desdemona’s handkerchief? Emilia
Why does Emilia steal Desdemona’s handkerchief? because Iago mentioned that he wanted it
What does Iago plan to do with the handkerchief? plant it on Cassio
What does Othello need before he can completely believe Iago’s words about Desdemona? physical evidence
According to Iago, what did he overhear Cassio say in his sleep? He cried out for Desdemona
Describe the change that takes place in Othello during the later half of Act III. He turned his hurt into anger. His love translates into hatred. He believes the rumors and loses reason. His revenge overtakes his love.
What does Othello ask Iago to do at the end of Act III? Kill Cassio
Will Iago’s plan to use a handkerchief work? Yes, because he is already allowed him to let his emotions get the best of him. The physical evidence will only elevate his anger.
examples of irony Othello says that Iago is honest. Emilia says that Iago is very upset about Cassio’s problem. Iago told Othello to beware of jealousy.
When Iago says of the handkerchief, “and being hers, she may, I think, bestowed on any man, ” what does the handkerchief symbolize? Desdemona’s love — She can freely give and take away her love
As Othello observes Cassio talking to Bianca, what item is exchanged between them? handkerchief
What does Iago counsel Othello to do to Desdemona? Strangle her in bed
What changes does the newcomer, Lodovico, notice is Othello at the end of Act IV Scene i? He has allowed his anger to overcome him. He is not being rational or noble.
What is ironic about Emilia and Iago’s dialogue? He questions how Othello could come up with such ideas, yet he is the one who put those ideas in Othello’s head.
What does Iago ask Roderigo to do in order to help speed up the process? Kill Cassio
How does Othello want the scene to appear when he retires to bed? for the bed to have their wedding sheets
What does Emilia believe she is capable of doing “for all the world”? cheat on her husband
What comments about men and women does Emilia make to end Act IV? Men are to blame when woman cheat on them because the men are probably sleeping around with other women. Men need to know that their wives are human beings.
Who wounds Cassio? Roderigo and Iago
What does Othello plan to do to Desdemona? kill her by straggling her
Who stabs and mortally wounds Roderigo? Iago
Who does Iago blame for the murder of Roderigo and the attempted murder of Cassio? Bianca because she was with Cassio and she is a *****
What is Othello’s internal conflict as he watches Desdemona sleep? He loves her greatly, but his anger makes him want to kill her
Why does Othello choose to discuss Desdemona’s murder beforehand? so that she can repent
How does Othello kill Desdemona? He suffocates her
Who first discovers Desdemona’s body? Emilia
According to Grantiano, what happened to Desdemona’s father? He died of grief because Desdemona married Othello
What other information does Emilia share with Othello? She gave Iago the handkerchief
Who is put in control of Cyprus after Othello is demoted? Cassio
According to Cassio, what was his biggest mistake / flaw? blind trust
What do Cassio’s final words of the play reveal to us about his character? He is still loyal to Othelllo
Why can Iago be considered a true villain? He had no clear motives for his manipulation