Blank Verse Regular rhythm, no rhyme
Iambic Pentameter describes a rhythm that the words make in a line, rhythm measured in small groups of syllables called FEET = 10 syllables
Iambs one foot, made up of 2 syllables
Pentameter Indicates that the line has 5 FEET
Freytags Pyramid
Inciting moment/ exposition Act 1 = intro, sets scene
Rising action Act 2 = arrive in Cyprus, Roderigo fights Cassio, Cassio no longer lieutenant, Cassio starts to talk to des about regaining leadership
Complication End of Act 2
CLIMAX Act 3 = crisis, tragic flaw, hamartia is revealed, Othello starts to believe Iago and be mean to Des.
Reversal start of act 4
Falling action Act 4 = Othello questions Emilia about Des. disloyalty, Roderigo plans to kill Cassio for Iago, Othello plans to kill Des.
Catastrophe Act 5 = Roderigo stabs Cassio, Iago stabs Cassio and kills Roderigo, Othello kills Des and realizes his mistake, kills himself, Iago goes to prison, Cassio is leader
Moment of Last Suspense End of book