Iago says he Hates Othello. What is his reason? Othello gave the position he wanted to Cassio, and its rumored that Othello slept with Iago’s wife.
What are Iago’s criticisms of Cassio He thinks he’s book smart, and that he is not suited for his position as he has yet to have a lot of experience in actual war
What two kinds of followers are there, according to Iago? Actual loyal, and those who pretend to be loyal
How do Iago and Roderigo attempt to create trouble for for Othello? By telling Brabantio about Othello’s marriage to his daughter
What is Brabantio’s reaction to what Iago and Rodrigo tells him? He gets angry and freaks out
What words are used to describe Othello during this scene? Old black ram, Barbary horse, Beast with two backs
Why does Iago leave before Brabantio leaves his house? Because he cannot be seen as the one who told, and so he can go tell Othello and play on his side
Why does Iago say he wished to kill Roderigo? What reason does he Give Othello for not killing him? Iago says he wished he’d kill Rodrigo so he could have defended Othello’s marriage and honor. He says he could not have killed him because he lacked the wickedness.
What is Othello’s response to Iago? He basically says, let him do his worst, it would have come out anyway. I don’t mind the slander
Iago informs Othello that Brabantio and his friends are coming and that Othello should hide. What is Othello’s response? He says he’ll stand his guard and meet them
What message does Cassio bring Othello? That Othello has to see the Duke over problems in Cyprus
Of what does Brabantio accuse Othello? Of witchcraft on his daughter
What causes Brabantio to change his original plan of arresting Othello and bringing him to jail? The Dukes letter.
What is Brabantio’s new plan? To try Othello infront of the Dukes court
About what is the Venetian Duke, and his Senators, Concerned? They are concerned over Turkish ships near Cyrpus
How does the Senate respond to Brabantios accusations? They listen to him, and then want to listen to Othello, and then want to listen to Desdemona
How does Othello respond to the accusations? What does this reveal about him? Othello responds cool and collectively, and tells them that it was his stories of war and hardship that won Desdemona. This reveals that he is cool and level headed.
What is Othello’s suggestion for proving whether or not he tricked Desdemona into loving him? He suggests they bring Desdemona and listen to her side of the story
How did Othello win Desdemona’s love? By gaining her sympathy by telling his war stories to her father.
After Brabantio’s charges are proven false, what is Desdemona’s request to the Duke? She requests that she can go with him to Cyprus
What might Brabantio mean when he says to Othello of his daughter, “look to her Moor, if thou hast eyes to see/ she has deceived her father, and may thee?” He means that she may deceive Othello too
What is Iago’s response to Roderigo’s claim that he will drown himself? Iago tells him that he will never love him for being so stupid.
What is Iago’s advice to Roderigo regarding how to eventually win Desdemona’s love? His advice is to gather up his money and use it to woo her.
In Iago’s soliloquy, what does he reveal about his feelings for Roderigo, his true reasons for hating Othello, and his plan to bring down Othello? He feels Roderigo is a fool and is only using him for money, he hates Othello for “sleeping with his wife”, and his plan is to make Othello jealous and think Desdemona is cheating.
What news does the audience learn about the Turkish fleet of ships? Its is learned that the ships have been destroyed by a storm.
What is Cassio’s hope for Othello? He hopes he is okay in the storm
What does Iago observe Cassio do that Iago believes will serve his plan? He see’s Cassio kiss Desdemona’s hand
According to Iago, why will Desdemona eventually lose her affection for Othello? He’ll get old and boring to her, and she will not find him attractive after a while
In Iago’s Soliloquy, what does he reveal about his plan to discredit Cassio? He plans to make it seem that Cassio is with Desdemona
What announcement is made by the Herald? That the Turkish fleet sunk and that Othello and Desdemona are getting married in the public eye
What is Othello’s opinion Of Iago? In what way is this an example of dramatic irony? Othello thinks Iago is wholly honest and kind. Its ironic because he is entirely the opposite.
Why is Cassio reluctant to have a drink? Because he is a lightweight and gets drunk very easily
Iago instructs Roderigo to provoke Cassio. What happens? The two fight
When Othello does not get a straight answer as to who as to who started the fight, his temperament changes. What side of Othello do we see? We witness a more angry brute part of him
What is Cassio’s punishment for getting into the fight? He losses his ranking
What advice does Iago give Cassio? He tells him to talk to Desdemona and he’ll get his job back
In Iago’s Soliloquy he says of Desdemona, “So will I turn her virtue into pitch/ and out of her own goodness make the net/ that shall enmesh them all” what does he mean? He means he will use Desdemona’s goodness and friendly attitude to make Othello think she is cheating.
What are the next to moves that Iago plans? He plans to either get Desdemona to keep talking about Cassio to Othello, or to get Othello to catch the two together
Why does Cassio need to speak to Emilia, Desdemona’s lady-in-waiting? So he can talk to Desdemona
What does Emilia tell Cassio? She tells him that Othello is conflicted, he does love Cassio but that he does not want to rehire a man who has shamed him.
What does Othello give to Iago? Letters to give to the senate
What worries Cassio now, despite the fact that he knows he will eventually get his job back? That Othello will forget his love and service
According to Desdemona, why will she speak to Othello on Cassio’s behalf? Because Cassio is her friend and she knows Othello will come through
As Iago enters, what does he observe that causes him to say, “Ha I like not that!” He see’s Cassio leaving Desdemona
What is the result of Desdemona’s plea to reinstate Cassio? Othello says some other time
What is Othello’s response to Iagos suggestion that he should be jealous of Desdemona? He says there is no reason for him to be, but he asks for proof
What does Iago remind Othello of in which Desdemona should not be trusted? Her deceiving her father
What does Desdemona drop on the floor? what does Iago plan to do with this object? Her handkerchief. Iaogo plans to stash it in Cassio’s room.
What story does Iago tell Othello in order to make it appear that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers? He said he heard Cassio talking in his sleep about being her lover
What is Iago’s last piece of evidence against Desdemona? He saw Cassio wipe his beard with her handkerchief
After making Iago his lieutenant, what order does Othello give to him? To kill Cassio within three days
Why id Desdemona hesitant to admit to Othello that she has lost the handkerchief that he gave her? She thinks he will get jealous and think she is up to no good
What does Othello demand of Desdemona He demands to see the handkerchief
When Cassio asks Desdemona about his situation, what does she tell him? She tells him something is up with Othello and that he is angry, but that she will continue asking for him
Why is Bianca angry with Cassio? provide two reasons She found the handkerchief that Iago planted and thinks he’s cheating, and that he has been away from her for a while
How does Othello react to Iago’s news that Cassio has admitted to him his affair with Desdemona? He goes into a trance
Who does Cassio speak of to Iago? Who does Iago want Othello to think Cassio is talking about? Cassio speaks of Bianca, but Iago wants Othello to believe he speaks of Desdemona
What is significant about the fact that Cassio gives the Handkerchief to Bianca? (in regards to Iagos plan) It proves that he had the handkerchief
What news does Lodovico bring from Venice? That Othello is leaving and that Cassio is taking his position
How does Desdemona react to the news? She is happy because Cassio is getting his position back
What does Othello do to Desdemona? How does she respond? He slaps her. She does not understand why and cries
What does Lodovico ask Iago about Othello? What is Iago’s response? He asks if that is the noble man who was at the senate and asks if his mind is okay. Iago says he is much changed
What does Othello call Desdemona? What is her response to this insult? He calls her a *****. She says what has she done to be called this
How does Desdemona try to convince Othello of her fidelity? She says she is a Christian and will not go to heaven if she is a *****
What is Emilia’s theory on why Othello has turned on Desdemona? She believes that someone has been manipulating him
What is Iago’s response to Emilia’s theory? He says its stupid and could not be
Why is Roderigo upset with Iago? How does Iago appease him? Roderigo is upset because realizes he cannot win Desdemona and wants his money back. Iago appeases him by saying he’ll get the money or Roderigo can kill him.
What does Iago want Roderigo to do for him? He wants him to kill Cassio
What request does Desdemona make to Emilia, if she is to die before her? To be buried in her wedding sheets
What does Desdemona ask Emilia regarding women/wives? What is her response? Desdemona asks why women cheat. Emilia responds because their husbands ignore them and make them cheat
What is Iago’s plan for Cassio? To either die by Roderigo, or kill him. Or both
For what two reasons does Iago want Cassio dead? To fulfill his plan and to get him out of the way
Iago believes he could also benefit if Cassio kills Roderigo. Why? Then he wont have to deal with Roderigo’s persistence for the money
What saves Cassio? Iago does, and some other men
What does Iago do to Roderigo? Why does Roderigo scream, “O Damned Iago! O inhuman dog!” Iago stabs Roderigo. He yells this because he realizes Iago’s treachery
What is the meaning of Iago’s aside to the audience at the end of the scene; “This is the night/ That either makes me or for-does me quite” It means tonight his plan works or it fails and he most likely will die
According to his soliloquy at the beginning of the scene, what has Othello decided? How do we know? He has decided to Kill Desdemona. He says she must die, lest she betrays more men
At what news does Desdemona begin to weep? Why does this upset Othello? She cries because she believes Cassio has been killed. This upsets Othello because she is weeping about him in his face.
According to Desdemona, Who has killed her? She says she killed herself
Why does Emilia repeat the phrase “My Husband” three times? because she realizes it was him who manipulated Othello
Why does Othello draw his sword on Emilia? Because she mocks and talks cruelly of Iago and says he is treacherous?
Why does Iago want Emilia to leave? Why does she refuse? He wants her to leave because she is telling the truth and blaming him. She refuses because she says she has all the right to speak
What is revealed when Othello assures Gratiano that he wont flee? That Barbantio is dead
What is Othello’s response to Cassio’s shock that he and Iago planned his murder? He says he was tricked with the handkerchief?
What is Othello’s request of Lodovico? That they retell this in truth, not making him all evil or all good
What does the future hold for Cassio? For Iago For Cassio, he gets to become Governor. For Iago, he gets to most likely die or get tortured.
dangers of Isolation Isolated on Cyprus, Iago is isolated in his dangerous soliloquy’s
Danger of Jealousy Causes Othello to go mad, causes Iago to become evil, Causes Bianca to get mad at Casio
Animal motiffs Old black ram, barberry horse, white ewe, inhumane dog
Monster/ demon motiffs Beast with two backs, treacherous snake?
Clowns Dramatic relief