William Shakespeare wrote The Tragedy of Othello in what language? Middle English
For what reason(s) would Iago be angry with Othello? he was passed over for a promotion
Explain why and how Iago and Roderigo wake Brabantio in Act I scene i. they cry “thief!” at his window, making him believe his daughter was ‘stolen’
Explain the quote “I am not what I am.” (Act I, scene i) Iago is two-faced
Of what crime does Brabantio accuse Othello? tricking his daughter to marry him
How does Othello answer/explain these charges? “she fell in love with me naturally.”
What piece of advice does Brabantio offer Othello after accepting the marriage? be careful, Desdemona is young and her heart is fleeting
How does Iago advise and manipulate Roderigo? makes him get Cassio drunk and provokes him to fight; Roderigo is a pawn in Iago’s plans. Also, by ruining Othello, Rod could get Desdemona
Why does Roderigo follow Iago’s advice? he wants to marry Desdemona
What is Iago’s ultimate plan concerning Othello?- To ruin his marriage and name
What ironic adjective is frequently used to describe Iago? Honest
What is the significance of the Turkish fleet introduced in Act I and what happens to the fleet by Act II? They are the enemies and they lose the war when their ship overturns in a storm
Describe Othello’s nature in the first two acts of the play. Happy, content, in love, strong
How does Othello change from Act III to Act V? he is consumed by jealousy and anger
What plan is carried out against Cassio at the celebration in Cyprus? o get him drunk and get into a brawl
What are the immediate results of this plan? Cassio is fired
What advice does Iago offer to Cassio after Cassio’s loss of reputation? talk to Desdemona in hopes of her getting Othello to rehire Cassio
Describe the technique used by Iago to make Othello jealous. plants scenarios and hints that Desdemona is cheating with Cassio
For what reason(s) does Othello initially not believe Iago’s suggestion of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness? wants to believe his wife is faithful
What pieces of circumstantial evidence does Iago provide as “proof” of Desdemona’s infidelity? she and Cassio were talking and holding hands
Explain the history and significance of the handkerchief. Othello’s mother gave it to him, and he gave it to Desdemona upon their marriage. It is sacred to Othello
Describe the relationship between Iago and Emilia. not good, he treats her poorly
Explain the role of Cassio’s character in the play. Iago wants his job, and he is used as the role of Desdemona’s alleged lover
In Act V, in the final scene, which characters provide information that help reveal the truth? Emilia, Cassio and Lodovico
Which character is a dramatic foil for Iago? Othello
What is Othello’s tragic flaw? his jealousy