No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Act IV Vocabulary

Pensive (adj) deeply thoughtfulSynonyms: reflective, contemplative ex: “Every night when Dawn lays in bed before falling asleep, she dreams of her and her attractive boyfriend who seems very __________ to her.”
Vial (noun) a small bottle containing medicine or other liquids Synonyms: bottle, flaskex: “The snack and drink policy for the EOC is to bring only a clean snack and a __________ of water.”
Enjoined (verb) instructed, ordered, or urged to do somethingSynonyms: asked, tellex: “Layla was __________ by her mother to clean her room or else she will not go to her best friend’s birthday party.”
Wayward (adj) difficult to control; headstrong or stubborn Synonyms: disobedient, naughty ex: “The students were too ___________ for the teacher to control so she can start her lesson.”
Dismal (adj) causing gloom or miserySynonyms: painful, miserableex: “During the walkout for the Parkland shooting victims, we felt very __________ for those who died.”
Loathsome (adj) disgusting or destestable; extremely unlikeableSynonyms: hateful, horribleex: “William was eventually dumped by his girlfriend because he has been very abusive and __________ towards her.”