Much Ado Facts

Who does the messenger first tell that Don Pedro is coming to Messina? Leonato
Why does Benedick think Claudio is crazy for loving Hero? He thinks she is not very pretty and that women are always unfaithful.
What does Don Pedro offer to do for Claudio? He offers to woo Hero for him at the masquerade.
Who tells Leonato that his servant overheard that Don Pedro wants to marry Hero? Antonio
Who tells Don John not to act so miserable? Conrad
Why does Don John want to disrupt Don Pedro’s wooing? He hates Claudio.
What is a “cuckold” and what represents this? A man whose wife cheated on him; horns
What does Leonato tell Hero to do? Accept Don Pedro’s proposal
What does Beatrice call Benedick at the masquerade? A jester
What does Don John tell Claudio at the masquerade? Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself
Who does Don Pedro ask to marry? Beatrice
Why won’t Beatrice marry Don Pedro? He is too extravagant
Who does Don Pedro want to set Benedick up with? What does Leonato think of this? He wants to set Benedick up with Beatrice, but Leonato thinks that they will drive each other crazy.
When is the wedding for Claudio and Hero supposed to take place? 1 week from the masquerade
Whose plan is it to make Hero seem unfaithful? Borachio’s
Who tricks Benedick? Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato
What does Benedick misinterpret as love from Beatrice? Her asking him to dinner
Who tricks Beatrice? Ursula and Hero
Who brings Claudio and Don Pedro to Hero’s window? Don John
Who is really in Hero’s window? Margaret and Borachio
Who overhears Borachio and Conrad’s conversation? The Watch
How much does Don John pay Borachio for the scheme? 1000 ducats
Why does Leonato dismiss Dogberry and Verges? He cannot understand them
What does Claudio call Hero at the wedding? A wanton
What does Leonato think when Hero is accused? He thinks she is guilty and wishes they both die
What does Friar Francis suggest? That Hero fake her death to “change slander to remorse”
Where do Benedick and Beatrice profess their love? In the chapel
What does Beatrice ask Benedick to do? Kill Claudio
Who challenges Claudio to a duel? Leonato, Antonio, and Benedick
Why does Borachio confess? Don John has escaped and he knows no one will defend him
What does Leonato ask Claudio to do? Leave an epitaph and Hero’s grave and marry his “niece”
Which two characters are originally against marriage? Beatrice and Benedick
Where does this play take place? Messina (Sicily)
When does this play take place? The 16th century
Why does Don John say he is sad? It is his nature to be so
Who is said to be an ass? Dogberry
What character remains sad? Don Pedro
Who is the most powerful character? Don Pedro
What term describes Dogberry’s dialogue? Malapropism
What is Balthasar’s song about? Men’s infidelity
Who is Beatrice? Leonato’s niece and Hero’s cousin
What is Beatrice like? She is witty and very outspoken compared to other girls of the time period.
Who is Beatrice’s “enemy” at the beginning of the play? Benedick
Who is Benedick? A soldier who is friends with Claudio and Don Pedro
What is Benedick like? He is very witty and against marriage.
Who is Claudio? A young soldier who is friends with Claudio and Don Pedro.
Who does Claudio fall in love with? Hero
Why do Claudio’s feelings towards Hero change? Before the war, he looked on her with the eye of a soldier. After the war, however, he saw her with the eyes of love.
Who is Hero? Leonato’s daughter and Beatrice’s cousin
Who are Hero’s ladies-in-waiting? Ursula and Margaret
Who does Hero fall in love with? Claudio
What is Hero like? She is the opposite of Beatrice: She is very quiet and obedient to her father.
Who is Don Pedro? The Prince of Aragon, who recently fought a war with his half-brother Don John.
What is Don Pedro like? He is wise and often plays the role of the match-maker.
Who is Leonato? Governor of Messina and Hero’s father
Who is Don John? The illegitimate brother of Don Pedro, who lost the war and wants revenge.
What is Don John called? The Bastard
Who speaks in innuendos? Margaret
Who is Margaret’s lover? Borachio
Who does Borachio work for? Don John
Who does Conrad work for? Don John
Who is Dogberry? The Constable in charge of The Watch
Who is Verges? Deputy
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
Who is Balthasar? A singer in Don Pedro’s service
How are Hero and Beatrice related? They’re cousins
When Benedick appears to be in love, what explanation does he give? He says he has a toothache
When Beatrice appears to be in love, what explanation does she give? She says she has a cold
What proof do Claudio and Hero have of Benedick and Beatrice’s love? Love poems that the two wrote for each other
Why does Hero tell Ursula she will never tell Beatrice that Benedick is in love with her? Because Beatrice will make fun of Benedick’s love for her
What does Hero do that Claudio says “proves” that she is guilty? Blushes
In order to trick Claudio into believing the Prince was wooing Hero for himself, Don John pretends he thinks he’s talking to whom? Benedick
What does Beatrice call Benedick at the beginning of the play? Signior Mountanto
Who was victorious in the battle that preceded the opening of the play? Don Pedro
What is the relationship between Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick? Don Pedro is the Prince, while Claudio and Benedick serve in his army. They are also all friends.
How does Beatrice cover up her concern for Benedick? By asking if he survived the war in a teasing way
What is the greatest fear of Claudio and Benedick? Becoming cuckolds
Who overheard the conversation between Claudio and Don Pedro, and where did he hear it? Both Antonio’s servant and Borachio. Antonio’s servant overheard it in the orchard, while Borachio heard it in the house hidden behind a tapestry.
Why does Antonio tell his brother about this conversation? So that Leonato can have Hero prepare her answer
Leonato prefers to treat the information he received in this scene as a dream. Why? So that he does not get his hopes up about Hero’s proposal to Don Pedro
How is Don John related to Don Pedro? He is the illegitimate brother
What kind of advice does Conrade give Don John? Conrade suggests that Don John try to stay on Don Pedro’s good side
Where is Benedick from? Padua
Who does Balthasar flirt with at the party? Margaret
Who does Don Pedro propose to? Beatrice
Why does Benedick believe the group saying that Beatrice loves him? Because Leonato is there and he is a reliable man who is in close proximity to Beatrice
Which two men COMBINED are said to be perfect for Beatrice? Don John and Benedick