Much ado about nothing stuff

Who is coming to Leonatos house in messina Don Pedro and Claudio after the war
What is the action to which Leonato refers
Who has received much honor by doing a lions deeds although he is young like a lamb Claudio had received this honor
Explain Benedick is a wannabe Cupid It means no one fell in love with him
Explain Beatrice will eat all of his killing in these wats That Benedick will lose in third war of wits
Explain bendick is a stuffed man She thinks he’s a pompous man
Explain defeating 4 of bendicks 5 with so he is governed by 1 wit Leonato says this because Beatrice and benedick are always in a war of wits and that he only has one wit left
Explain Claudio having caught the benedick Beatrice says this because she thinks his fast friendships are a disease and she hopes he can be cured of it
Who is lady disdain and what does Benedick mean when he wished his horse had the speed and continuance of Beatrice’s tongue Benedick calls Beatrice lady disdain and Benedick wishes his horse was as fast as her tongue
To what does Beatrice compare a mans words of love She would rather hear a dog bark at a crow then hear a man confess his love
What does Beatrice mean when she says that Benedick alwyas ends their arguements “with a jades trick” how does this show Benedick is weak She means bendick always drops out of their arguements because he can’t keep up
How does Benedick make fun of Claudio’s love for hero why is he upset at Claudio’s thoughts of marriage Benedick makes fun of Claudio for being in love with a shirt girl and doesn’t think she is worthy
Give three examples of benedicks anti marriage comments – compares marriage to putting ones neck into yoke- he says he’ll never have the “cuckholds” horns on his feet- he says you can put a sign on him saying marriage sucks and he refuses to be married
What does don Pedro propose to do for Claudio at the masked revel He promises to help Claudio In his desire to marry hero
How does Antonio mistake don Pedro’s intentions whom does Antonio tell He only heard that don Pedro will woo hero so he mistakes his intentions
How does don John say that he will follow his own desires and appetites a be sad, b eat, c sleep, d laugh, e claw He says he will stay sad
According to Conrad’s what has happened lately between don John and don Pedro? Who is best suited to help don John? They just recently got friendly towards each other and borachio and Conrad will help him
What dastardly diversion does don John decide to pursue? Why does he make Claudio his victim? He spreads lies about don Pedro wanting hero for himself he makes Claudio the victim because he helped make him lose the war and is so loud and respected
What does don John mean when he says, “let us to the great supper would the cook were o mind ?” He wants to go the feast but wished her cook thought like him because he woulda poisoned everyone
According to Beatrice how would don John and Benedick make the perfect man A balance between the two would be perfect to her
What is the joke on Beatrice being curst and god dents curst cow short horns but to a cow too curst sends none It says that being too ill tempered is being different then simply ill tempered
Why is neither a bearded nor a beardless man for Beatrice nor she for him She prays for no husband she would rather be wrapped in a scratchy blanket then a beard
What advice does Beatrice give hero about choosing a husband and following leonatos wishes She says to make sure he woos you properly if he is to insistent tell him romance is like a dance
At the masque what couples pair off Don Pedro and hero , Benedick and Beatrice , Balthasar and Margaret, Ursula and Antonio
How does Beatrice make a fool of the disguised bendick She pretends to not know she’s dancing with him and she says Benedick is the princes fool and makes fun of him
What does don John convinced Claudio of? How does Claudio act like a lovesick squire That don Pedro really does like her
Why does Benedick say Claudio needs a willow garland and don Pedro needs a whipping He says Claudio needs to make soemthign fit for a lower and Pedro needs a beating
Give three examples of Benedicks unkind comments about Beatrice in 2.1 230-250 She has a mean and sarcastic nature, if her breath were as terrible as her words she’d kill everything , not even a block of wood could handle her abuses
Explain don Pedro and Beatrice’s conversation In 2.1 303-320 how serious is don Pedro’s proposal and her answer ? It isn’t serious and she won’t marry him unless she can have another husband because he is to expensive to wear everyday
When will Claudio and hero be married? What will Pedro do for fun in the meantime? How are all the others ” the only love gods “ They will be married in one week Pedro will try to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love
Explain borachios plan to use Margaret to disrupt hero’s marriage? What is don John’s part in this scheme He will have Margaret act like hero and he will be another man and have don John bring Claudio and don Pedro so they believe it
Give three examples of Benedict’s complaints about Claudio being in love 2.3 5-35 – romance turned him into a fool- now his speech is elaborate and flowery- now he listens to refined music
Where does Benedick hide when don Pedro leonsto and Claudio come in do they know Benedick is there ? He hides in the arbor where they know he’s hiding
Explain balthasars song lyrics what does the song say about men? What advice does it give women ? It says men are decievers and that women should let them go
What ” evidence” do don Pedro,Claudio,leonato give to convince Benedick that Beatrice loves him Hero says Beatrice asked does it make sense to write to Benedick saying she loves him if all she treats him with is scorn
Why is bendick so firmly convinced thst Beatrice loves him They spoke so seriously and have hero’s testimony
Why does he fear his friends will mock him? Because he was so against marriage and said he was never going to fall in love
How does he use change of appetite and peopelling the world to excuse his falling in Love He says people can love a dish and hate it when they get older and he said he thought he would die a bschelor and not Mary
What three arguements do hero and Ursula use to make Beatrice sound curst and hard hearted – they say she is as devious and fierce as a wild hawk on a rock- there is scorn and disdain in her eyes- she is incapable of loving anyone but herself and her wit
What praises do hero and Ursula use on Benedick and how do they make him seem pitiful – he’s the only worthy man in Italy other then Claudio- he’s the best looking man bearing intelligence and bravery – he has an excellent reputation
What signs of lovesicknsss does Benedick exhibit and how do don Pedro and Claudio mention even more signs of benedicks being in love – he brushes his hair in the morning – he shaved off his beard- he’s more serious
What does don John tell don Pedro and Claudio and what must they do to get proof He tells them hero is unfaithful and to come with him tonight for proof
Give three examples of dogberry and verges comical malapropisms – he says blunt instead of sharp – he says excommunication instead of examination – aspicious instead of suspicious
Give examples of dogberrys instructions to the watch about thieves ,the princes subjects, sleep and quiet in the streets Thieves – let him be himself and steakThe princes subjects – if he doesn’t stop when u tell him then he isn’t the princes subject Sleep and quiet in the streets- stay quiet and sleep While on watch
What does Borachio brag about to Conrad’s? What does seacoal do? Who is deformed ? He brags about getting 1000 gold coins for pretending to be hero’s lover
As the woman prepare for the wedding what do Margaret’s jokes reveal about her character? Compare her to Juliet’s nurses She isn’t prudish and talks freely about sex and marriage
Why does dogberry come to Leonatos house? How does he try to be respectful, but he unknowingly insults Leonato To discuss the criminals they caught he ends up being mean by saying he’d give him all of his tediousness
What does dogberry mean by sending for Francis seacoal “to examination ” these men and write their “excommunication” at the jail He means examine
Why does Claudio claim that hero is a rotten orange who knows the heart of a luxurious bed She only appears honorable from the outside but she isn’t a virgin
Whom does Leonato suspect has made defeat of her virginity ? He suspects Claudio
Who supports Claudio’s accusation with his testimony? Why doesn’t Leonato believe hero Don Pedro supports him which makes Leonato believe then
What happens to hero? Who leaves after this event ? She faints and the princes leave
Why does Leonato say he wished hero had Been a beggars child rather than his issue He wished he could have denied the shame and dishonor of a beggars child and wish she wasn’t his child
Why does the frisr believe that hero is innocent She blushed when questioned and acted innocent and his years of experience lead him to believe her innocence
What does the first suggest be done about hero? About Claudio ? If hero remains disgraced ? He suggest they hide her and say she’s dead and if she remains disgraced send her to a nunery
What does Benedick confess to beatrice? Why does she want to be a man ? He thinks hero was falsely accused and she wishes she was a man so she could kill Claudio
What is the purpose of dogberry examination of borachio and conrade how does dogberry make himself ridiculous To see what criminal acts they performed and he seems ridiculous because he wants Sexton to write down that he’s an as
How does Beatrice critize all men She slanders and scorns all men
Why can’t Leonato accept Antonio’s advice to be patient Because Antonio has never been what he is going through
How does Leonato challenge and accuse Claudio He challenges him to a duel and says he wronged an innocent person
How do Leonato and Antonio exchange attitudes in this scene They both want to duel Claudio and they take their turns challenging him to a duel
How do don Pedro and Claudio make fun of leanato after he leaves They say they were about go have their noses ripped off by an old man with no teeth
What is bendicks challenge to Claudio how is he polite but firm to don pedro He challenges Claudio to a duel and is serious to don Pedro
Why don’t don Pedro and Claudio seem to take bendick seriously Because he is usually always joking not being serious
What atonement must Claudio make to satisfy leanato He must tell everyone hero was innocent and to write s poem by her grave and sing it then marry his niece who looks just like hero
What is bendick attempting to compose for Beatrice how does this make him a lover A poem
Why or how are bendick and Beatrice ” too wise to woo peacefully “ They love each other agianst their will
What is the meaning and purpose of hero’s epitaph To say that she was a heroic maiden killed by slanderous words
How and why are the ladies disgusted at the wedding They are wearing masks and trick Claudio into marrying who he thinks is Leonatos niece
How do bendick and Beatrice argue themselves into marriage They argue about loving each other and their poems prove their love
How has Benedick completely changed from the beggingin of the play He isn’t arrogant and against marriage anymore
What has become of John what will Benedick do He was caught by armed solidiers and Benedick will deal with him the next day
How does this end like a classical comedy Because it combines humor with serious honor and shame
How does this play show the young people fooling the old It shows don John and borachio fooling Leonato into thinking his daughter is untrustworthy it shows The princes slandering leonatos family
How does this play start in chaos and end in peace It starts in chaos where Claudio and Benedick both want marriage but are scared of being deceived and controlled but they all end happily and married
What role does marriage play in making peace at the end It brings peace to eveyrone after don John caused so many problems and it gave Claudio and Benedick what they have secretly been wanting
How does this play use a villain It used don John as the villain that gives the story a conflict and the characters soemone to hate
How does this play has comic style figures such as the village idiot is the bumbling policemen It uses them to bring some comedy relief to a serious play
What parts of this play are best labeled “comedy of the situation ” or situational comedy because of mistakes plots within plots