Much Ado About Nothing study questions

Where is the setting of the story? At the beginning of the play, what news does Leonato receive? Messina, Sicily; news that Don Pedro of Argon is coming
From what “action” is Don Pedro returning? A battle between Don John and Don Pedro
After whom does Beatrice inquire? what do we learn about her relationship with this person? Benedict, she doesn’t like him, she thinks he is rude and cocky
Who arrives with Don Pedro? What does he and his company intend to do? Claudio, Benedick, Balthasar, and John the Bastard
Based on Beatrice and benedick’s exchange, what are thier views on love? they both hate love
Based on Leonato’s greeting to Don John, what has recently passed between John and Don Pedro? John and Don have been fighting; they have forgiven eachother; Don Pedro won
What does Claudio confess to Benedick after everyone else exists? How does Benedick respond? He is going for Hero; Benedick thinks she is to low for him
What does Benedick tell Don Pedro? Tells Don Pedro Claudio likes Hero
What does Don Pedro swear to Benedick? Don Pedro swears that Benedick will fall in love before he dies
What what does Claudio ask Don Pedro for help? Help to win Hero over or make her fall in love with him
What does Don Pedro declare he will do? He lays it out in detail– recount his plan. At the masked party Don Pedro is going to go as Claudio and is going to talk to Hero, after he wins her over he is going to present himself to her dad and once the dad approves he is going to give Hero over to Claudio
What news has Antonio heard secondhand? Is the news correct? Antonio thinks the Prince is going to propose to Hero, not claudio
What does Conrade suggest that Don John do? What is further revealed about Don John and Don Pedro’s previous conflict? Suggests the Don John should hide his anger for now; Don John is mad at loosing the war even though they are on good terms
Who joins Conrade and Don John, and what news does he bring? Is the news correct? Borachio; prince and claudio’s plan to win hero and yes this news is correct
What does Don John intend to do with the news? Why does he have a personal vendetta against Claudio? Ruin the wedding; Claudio was Don Pedro’s main fighter tht won Don Pedro the war against Don John