Much Ado About Nothing Review for Final

At the beginning of Much Ado about Nothing, Don Pedro and his men return from A war with Don John
In this endeavor, Claudio has served Don Pedro well despite his youth
Beatrice refers to Benedick as -Signor Mountanto-a “stuffed” man or scarecrow -a person who changes best friends frequently
From Beatrice’s remarks, the audience realizes that -Beatrice has been hurt before by Benedick-Beatrice and Benedick have had a romantic relationship in the past -Beatrice enjoys poking fun at Benedick
Beatrice claims that Benedick is as changeable as Fashion
Beatrice says that she will not go insane until there is a “hot January.” This is an example of Oxymoron
One detail in Act 1, scene 1 that shows Don Pedro’s magnanimity is His forgiveness of Don John
When Beatrice taunts Benedick, he Taunts him back
Beatrice and Benedick both insist that They never want to marry
When Claudio asks Benedick what he thinks of Hero, Benedick replies that for his taste Hero is too short, dark, uninteresting
If Benedick is attracted to a woman who is the opposite of Hero, then he must be attracted to Beatrice
Don Pedro insists that he will live to see Benedick in love
A cuckold is A husband whose wife commits adultery
Although Claudio says that he loves Hero, one of his main concerns is that She is Leonato’s only heir
With the masquerade ball, Shakespeare suggests that we wear figurative masks in different situations, hiding our true selves
At the end of Act 1, Leonato believes that Don Pedro wants to marry Hero
By the end of the 1st act, Don John decides to start trouble by Causing Claudio problems
Don John is Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother
Beatrice thinks the model man is Benedick and Don John combined
Beatrice says that she doesn’t want a husband that -Has a beard because he is too old-Is clean shaven because he is too young
Beatrice advises Hero to Tell Leonato her feelings about any marriage proposal
Don John convinces Claudio That Don Pedro wants Hero for himself
Benedick insists that he would rather Go on a series of seemingly impossible tasks than to talk to Beatrice.
Beatrice puts Benedick down so that He wont hurt her again
Claudio and Hero plan to marry in Seven days
Beatrice is proposed to by Don Pedro
Don Pedro convinces the group to help him Make Beatrice and Benedick get together again
Benedicks good qualities include -Courage, Honesty, Nobleness
Don John and Borachio decide to Convince Claudio that Hero has been unfaithful to him.
Borachio will pretend that Margaret is Hero
In return for this deception, Borachio will receive One thousand ducats
Benedick hides from Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio In the arbor
Balthasar’s song mirrors the action of the play. The song and the play both deal with Deception
One of the main reasons Benedick falls for the trickery is He trusts Leonato
After fooling Benedick, Don Pedro Sends Beatrice to summon Benedick to dinner
Maragaret is sent to tell Beatrice That Ursula & Hero are talking about her behind her back
Both Beatrice and Benedick are like Hooked fish
Hero says that -Benedick loves Beatrice -Beatrice treats Benedick unfairly -Beatrice is sometimes self-centered
Benedick admits that he needs to talk to Leonato about marrying Beatrice
Routinely, illegitimate sons in Renaissance drama are Evil
Don John tells Claudio and Don Pedro that Hero has been disloyal to Claudio
A malapropism is A similar wrong word substituted for the correct one
Dogberry and Verges are members of The police
Instead of doing their jobs, the watch would rather Sleep
Borachio’s name means Drunkard
Borachio reveals the scheme to break up Claudio and Hero to Conrade
The guards arrest Borachio for Slandering Don John’s name
In addition to being lovesick -Beatrice has a cold and a toothache
Beatrice can be cured with carduus benedictus or holy thistle, an herbal remedy in Shakespeare’s time. Margaret also suggests that Beatrice wil only be cured by Benedick’s love
Dogberry and Verges want Leonato to deal with Borachio and Conrade, but Leonato is in a hurry because it is Hero’s wedding day