Much Ado About Nothing – Quotes Meaning

Don Pedro to Claudio; shows Claudio’s shyness and it relates to the theme of deception, End of Act I, scene 1 “what need the bridge much broader than the flood” The fairest grant is the necessity….In practice let us put it presently.”
Conrade to Don John; introduction to an antagonist, first mention Don John being against others, his need for revenge, Near start of Act I, scene 3 “Yea, but you must not make the full show of this till…frame the season for your own harvest.”
Beatrice to herself; expressing her true feelings for Benedick, after being tricked with the prince’s plan. Relates to theme of deception.End Act III, scene 1 “What fire is in mine ears?….and I believe it better than reportingly.”
Don Pedro is saying that Benedick is not hopeless, and that he can be a husband. Says this to Hero and Claudio. Don Pedro, End of Act II, scene 1 “And Benedick is not the unhopefullest husband that I know…Go in with me, and I will tell you my drift.”
Borachio to Conrade, Middle of Act III, scene 3 saying that he succeeded in tricking Claudio into thinking that Margaret was Hero on the balcony. “Two of them did, the Prince and Claudio; but the devil my master knew she was Margaret…home again without a husband.”
Claudio to Leonato, Near start of Act IV, scene 1 saying that Hero is a slut for sleeping with another man, but he doesn’t know that it was actually Margaret and Borachio. “There, Leonato, take her back again; give not this rotten orange to your friend….her blush is guiltiness, not modesty.”
Friar to Hero and her family, Middle of Act IV, scene 1 trying to comfort Hero after she got stood up at the alter by Claudio. “Let this be so, and doubt not but success Will fashion the event in better shape….all eyes, tongues, minds, and injuries.”
Beatrice to Benedick, Near End of Act IV, scene 1 saying that he needs to stand up to Claudio about “killing” Hero with grief. So she doesn’t die of grieving. “Princes and Counties! Surely…will die a woman with grieving.”
Leonato to his brother Antonio, Neart Start of Act V, scene 1. Leonato is mad about Claudio embarrassing him and his daughter by putting his family name in discrase. “for brother, men can counsel and speak comfort to that grief which they themselves not feel….louder than advertisement.”
Benedick – Claudio, Middle of Act V, scene 1 saying that Claudio needs to dual him because of how he killed Hero with embarrassment. “Fare you well, boy; you know my mind. I will leave…peace be with him.”
Leonato to Claudio, Near end of Act V, scene 1 saying that Claudio needs to tell everyone that she was inocent, and that he needs to mary his niece, since he killed Hero. “I cannot bid you bid my daughter live — That were impossible; but….and so dies my revenge.”
Benedick to Don Pedro, Near End of Act V, scene 4 saying that he will eat his words about being maried, because he is a man and men can go back on their word and change. “I’ll tell thee what, Prince: a college of wit crackers cannot flout me out of my humour…Claudio, I did think to have beaten thee; but in that thous art like to be my kinsman, live unbruis’d, and love my cousin.”