Much ado about nothing movie packet

don _____ is the prince of areagon Pedro
_____ is his servant Balthasar
Don John is his bastard _____ 1/2 brother
_____ and _____ are his followers Borachio , Conrad
Claudio is a young lord of Florence and a favorite of _____ Hero
Benedick is a young lord of _____ Padua
_____ is the governor of messina Leonato
Antonio is _____ brother Leonatos
Hero is _____ daughter Leonatos
Beatrice is _____ niece and _____ cousin Leonatos, heros
What is the first thing the director shows the audience Words of a poem
Leonato receives a letter from a messenger. What does the letter say? Don Pedro kf Aragon comes this night to Messina
Where are the men returning from? War