Much Ado About Nothing Eavesdropping Chart

Eavesdropping 1.Antonio 2.Borachio 3.Benedick, 4.Beatrice 5.Dogberry+Watch 6.Don Pedro+Claudio
Information Gained 1. Don Pedro wanted to marry Hero 2. Claudio wants to marry Hero 3. Beatrice loves him 4. Benedick loves her 5. Don John’s plan to disgrace Hero 6. “Hero” is unfaithful and confessing her love to Borachio
Misconceptions 1. Claudio wants to marry Hero 2. None 3. Beatrice does not love Benedick 4. Benedick does not love Beatrice 5. Arrested them for being drunk 6. Hero is faithful
Use of Information 1. accept Don Pedro marriage 2. tells Don John. Don John makes a plan to break them up. 3. return her love 4. return his love 5. Prove Hero’s innocence 6. Used to shame Hero at the wedding.