Much Ado About Nothing Acts 3-5

As the scene opens, what does Hero tell Margaret her job is regarding Beatrice? Bring Beatrice to the orchard so she can overhear the conversation. They are going to get her there by saying that hero and Ursula have been talking about Beatrice to get her to go there.
Hero tells Ursula that when Beatrice is near, they must only talk about _______ Benedick
Why does Hero think it’s important not to reveal, to Beatrice, Benedick’s love for her? She’s very full of herself and selfish
Briefly describe how Beatrice responds upon overhearing that Benedick loves her? She is happy to hear that Benedick is in love with her. She is going to be a better person when she is around him. she thinks that what Ursula and Hero said was true.
Briefly describe how Benedick has “changed.” His friends say he is lovesick. He says he has a toothache. He has physically changed because he shaved his beard. He is also taking better care of his appearance
Why do you think Benedick wants to speak with Leonato in private? He wants to talk about Beatrice.
What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio about Hero? That Hero is disloyal. Don Jon says he will prove it if they come to his house at midnight.
What are Claudio and Don Pedro going to do to Hero if what Don John has said about her is true? They are going to publically shame her at the wedding.
What’s the role of Dogberry and his men in this scene? Do they appear to be suitable employees? They are the watchmen for the prince. They do not appear to be suitable employees because all they do is sleep.
Based on the conversation between Conrade and Borachio, did Claudio and Don Pedro fall for Borachio’s and Don John’s deception in regard to Hero? Yes
Why are Conrade and Borachio arrested? Don Pedro & Claudio wanted them arrested.
What are Hero, Margaret and Ursula doing as the scene opens? They are getting ready for Hero’s wedding.
What appears to be wrong with Beatrice? She’s love sick
What are Dogberry and Verges trying to tell Leonato in this scene? How does Leonato respond? Dogberry and Verges overheard the deception. They were trying to tell Leonato. Leonato says he has to go.
After Claudio calls Hero a *****, what assumption does Leonato make? That Claudio has slept with Hero before the wedding.
What question does Claudio ask Hero? How does she respond? Who was the man that was at her window the night before? Hero says there was no man at her window.
As a result of Hero’s “disloyalty,” how have Claudio’s feelings toward love changed? He’s not going to trust her anymore
After Leonato asks if anyone has a dagger’s point for him, what happens to Hero? He’s so ashamed of Hero that he wants to kill himself. Hero faints
As a result of her “shame,” what’s Leonato’s hope for Hero? He wants her to die
Which two characters truly believe in Hero’s innocence? The Friar & Beatrice
According to Benedick, Claudio and Don Pedro are very honorable men; therefore, they must have been deceived by _____ Don Jon
Briefly describe the Friar’s plan. How does he think his plan will affect Claudio? We are going to pretend that Hero died. They need time to prove her innocence and in that time Claudio will rethink this whole thing.
If the Friar’s plan doesn’t work, what should Leonato do with Hero? Put her in a convent
How does Beatrice want Benedick to prove his love for her? She wants Benedict to kill Claudio.
Which characters are being cross-examined in this scene? Borachio and Conrade
According to the Sexton, where’s Don John? Not in Messina
What does Dogberry wish had been written down during the cross-examination? An ass
Based on his conversation with Antonio, according to Leonato, who’s the only person capable of comforting him at this point in his life? Someone who understands what he is going through and has been through what he is going through
How does Leonato respond when Claudio asks, “Who wrongs him”? “You’ve wronged me. My daughter is dead because of you”
How does Claudio respond when Leonato challenges him to a sword fight? What does Antonio suggest? Claudio says he can never fight a man of Leonato’s age – Antonio suggests fight him AND Leonato – but Claudio says no he doesn’t want to fight them
How does Claudio expect Benedick to ease his depression? Use your jokes and your wit – make him laugh
According to Benedick, if Claudio chooses not to accept his challenge, what will Benedick tell everyone about Claudio? He is a coward and he killed an innocent woman – letting Claudio decide how he wants to fight
What information does Benedick reveal about Don John’s whereabouts? That Don John fled – he left
What does Borachio reveal to Don Pedro and Claudio? Don John and his plans to trick them – he confesses to the deception
What does Leonato ask Don Pedro and Claudio to do to honor Hero’s memory? To write an epitaph and hang it on her tomb that says Hero was innocent when she died – and also sing about her goodness while he is there
What does Leonato mean when he tells Claudio to come to his house and be his nephew? Marry his niece that looks exactly like Hero
What’s Benedick asking Margaret to help him with? He’s asking her to help him write a sonnet for Beatrice
How does Benedick respond when Beatrice asks him about the exchange that took place between him and Claudio? “I confronted him and I wasn’t very nice”
What does Benedick ask Beatrice regarding her love for him? Which of his bad qualities did she fall in love with first?
According to the news Ursula brings, what has been proven? That Hero is innocent and Don Jon is the source of the problem
Briefly describe the contents of the epitaph Claudio has written for Hero. According to Claudio, how often will he honor Hero in this manner? That she was innocent and she died because people were spreading lies about her. He will honor her every year.
Leonato sends Hero and her gentlewomen to their chambers, and asks them to return wearing ___ Masks
Who does Antonio have to pretend to be? Father of the Bride
Why does Benedick need the friar’s help? He wants to marry Beatrice and needs help
Leonato won’t allow Claudio to see his bride’s face until Claudio does what? Takes her hand and swears to marry her in front of this friar.
What does Leonato mean when he says, about Hero, “She died, my lord, but whiles her slander lived”? she was dead while people were spreading lies, but when her innocence was proven, she came back to life
What is the subject matter of the poems Benedick and Beatrice have written? Their poems are about how much they adore each other.
Briefly describe Benedick’s thoughts about love and marriage now that he’s preparing to wed Beatrice. He is happy to get married and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks
What news does the messenger bring regarding Don John? Don Jon was caught by the guards and is being brought back to Messina.
How are sonnets structured? 1. Quatrain 12. Quatrain 23. Quatrain 34. Couplet