Much Ado About Nothing Acts 1&2

at war where have Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick been?
They make fun of each other but refuse to show it What conclusions can you draw from how the way Benedick and Beatrice treat each other
Hero; he calls her a jewel Who is Claudio interested in and what does he call her
He wants Benedick to fall in love What does Don Pedro want to happen to Benedick
He wants to make sure Hero is the only Hier and he gets Leonato’s land Claudio shows interest in Hero for more than her looks and personality. What else motivates him?
Don Pedro will woo Hero for Claudio What offer does Don Pedro make to Claudio
He opposed his brother in public and wants to split the marriage b/w Hero and Claudio How would you describe Don John as villanous?
He knows about Don Pedro’s offer What information obtained by eavesdropping does Borachio bring Don John
1/2 of Benedick and half of Don John What kind of man does Beatrice consider ideal
Say yes to Don Pedro What does Leonato instruct Hero to do
Borachio and Margaret / Don Pedro and Hero / Ursula and Antonio Who pair off at the party
She talks poorly about him How does Beatrice take advantage when talking to Benedick at the party. She knows it’s him under the mask
Don Pedro wants and Claudio is mad. Claudio is very gullible What lie does Don John tell Claudio. How does Claudio react? What does this show about Claudio
He is in disbelief How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults?
No What does Beatrice say to Don Pedro when he asks, “Would you have me?”
smart, virtuous, rich, beautiful, and a musician Give details about the type of woman that appeals to Benedick
He hears that Beatrice likes him What does Benedick overhear
He is going to be nice How is Benedick going to Beatrice now that he knows she likes him
Messina, Italy where does story take place
Benedick, Beatrice, Leonato, Hero, Claudio Give 5 examples of the main characters
Battle of the Sexes, Appearance vs. realty, and Love and Marriage what are the main conflicts in the play
dramatic irony, verbal irony, situational irony what are the 3 types of irony shown throughout the play
audience knows something the characters do not describe dramatic irony
when a character says the opposite of what they mean (sarcasm) describe verbal irony
when the outcome is different from what it is expected describe situational irony
He makes her feel sick What humorous comment does Beatrice make about Don John
Don’t marry someone you don’t love What advice does Beatrice offer to Hero
He want Benedick and Beatrice to be together and gets Leonato, Claudio, and Hero’s help What plan does Don Pedro concoct, and whose help does he enlists