Much Ado About Nothing Acts 1-3

Where have Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick been? At war. Don Pedro and his men vs. Don John and his menThey were fighting over control of Aragon
About whom does Beatrice ask and why? Beatrice asks about Benedick- they have a joke going on. She says she promised to “eat” all of the men he killed at war.
Who was defeated in the war? How does Don Pedro treat the loser and why? Don John lost the war. Don Pedro is nice to him because he’s a good person and cares for his brother.
How do beatrice and benedick treat each other? What conclusions can you draww about their relationship? They joke back and forth and act like they hate/can’t stand each other. One might conclude that they secretly like each other.
In whome is Claudio interested and why? How does Benedick feel about her? Claudio is interested in Hero because he says she’s the most wonderful woman he’s ever seen- love at first sight! Benedick couldn’t care less about her. He says he saw her, but didn’t notice her.
What does Don pedro plan on happening before he dies? To see benedick sick with love
When claudio talks to Don Pedro about Hero, he shows his is interested in Hero for more than her looks and personality. What else motivates him? He asks if Leonato has a son (who would be next in line to be governor) but finds out that Hero is Leonato’s only daughter, thus marrying her would make him next in line to power.
What offer does Don Pedro make to Claudio? He says he will pretend to be Claudio at the masquerade ball and express Claudio’s feelings to her. Then, he will talk to Leonato to get Hero’s hand in marriage!
Eavesdropping or noting scenes are crucial to the plot. What does Antonio learn from his eavesdropping servant? He overhears the conversation where Don Pedro offers to pretend to be Claudio at the ball to secretly spill his feelings so the servant THINKS that Don Pedro (Prince) is interested in Hero and wants to tell her his feelings at the ball and ask for her hand in marriage. Antonio tells Leonato this.
In the Renaissance, illegitimate sons were stereotyped as wicked and conniving. Don John, the comedy’s villian, is no exception. How is he villanious? Plans his revenge on Claudio and Don Pedro
What information obtained by eavesdropping does borachio bring Don John? Borachio finds out what DP and Claudio are really plotting.
What resolution does Don John make? He plans to ruin Claudio’s life. Conrad & Borachio will help.
What happens to Beatrice whenever she sees Don John and why? She gets heartburn because he’s so miserable and serious.
What kind of man does Beatrice consider ideal? A man half as serious as Don John and half as talkative as Benedick.
What advice does Beatrice offer hero? She tells Hero to make sure he woos her properly.
What does Leonato instruct Hero to do? Say yes to Don Pedro’s proposal
Who pairs off at the party? Don Pedro and Hero.Balthasar and MargaretUrsula and AntonioBeatrice and Benedick
At the party, Beatrice recognizes Benedick in spite of his mask. How does she use this knowledge to her advantage and why? She openly criticizes him and tries to make him feel bad about himself with her insults. She gets pleasure out of messing with him.
What lie does Don John tell Claudio? Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro is actually in love with Hero and trying to win her over for himself.
In turn, what lie does Claudio tell? That he is Benedick.
How does claudio react to don john’s lie? What does this show us about claudio? He takes off his mask and gets extremely mad/upset. He is basically willing to give her up to Don Pedro without a fight. It shows us he has a short temper and isn’t willing to fight for what he wants- not very strong-willed.
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults? He takes it to heart.
Why is Claudio so upset when he talks to the prince? What does the prince tell him? Claudio is upset because he thinks DP is trying to woo Hero for himself. Beatrice explains that Claudio is jealous. DP reassures him that he wooed Hero for him and Leonato has agreed for them to marry.
What does Don Pedro ask Beatrice and what is her answer? He asks if she would marry him and she says no- that he is too expensive/high maintenance for her
What plan does Don Pedro concoct and whose help does he enlist? He plans to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love. Leonato, Claudio, and Hero agree to help.
How are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John complete opposites? Don Pedro = wants to do everything he can to make Claudio happyDon John = wants to ruin Claudio’s life
Describe Don John’s second plan to ruin Claudio’s relationship with Hero. They are going to set up Borachio with Margaret but make it look like he is with Hero and have Claudio see them in the night so that he will think she is unfaithful.
Why does Don Pedro’s plan work so well on Benedick? Why does Benedick believe the men and decide to love/marry Beatrice? Benedick hides in the bushes when he sees them men coming, but the men knew he was hiding there. The men talk about how Beatrice is in love with Benedick and he believes them because he thinks they don’t know he’s really there.
On what errand does Hero send Margaret? To get Beatrice to come to the courtyard to overhear a planned conversation between Ursula and Hero about how Benedick loves her.
How does Beatrice react to what she overhears? She will be kind from now on and love Benedick back.
What metaphor does Ursula use about Beatrice? A fish.
Why do the men make fun of Benedick? His beards been shaved off and he has been primping because he is in love with Beatrice
Why does Benedick want to talk to Leonato in private? He wants to see if he can/should marry Beatrice.
How does Don John try to gain the trust of Don Pedro and Claudio? Makes it seem like he’s coming from a good place/has love for Don Pedro and Claudio. So he will show that hero is cheating.
What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio? That hero is unfaithful.
What does Claudio and Don Pedro do with this information? They need to see proof, first
What jobs are held by Dogberry and Verges? Watchmen/Constables
What stereotype are Dogberry and Verges? Dumb drunksOften think they’re more important than they areComedic characters
Why does the watch arrest Borachio and Conrade? They hear them bragging about how they tricked Claudio and ruined the reputation of Hero; treachery
Why won’t Leonato listen to Doberry and Verges when they come to talk to him? He’s in a hurry to get to the wedding; doesn’t understand them