Much ado About Nothing Act III

Beatrice Hero plans to convince ___________ that Benedick is in love.
Margaret Hero sends _____________ to tell Beatrice that Hero and Ursula are talking about her in the garden
very positive Hero instructs Ursula to say ___________ things about Benedick for Beatrice to hear.
Hero and Ursula Beatrice eavesdrops while ____and _________ talk about how Benedick is hopelessly in love with Beatrice.
a toothache When Benedick’s friends claim he has changed, Benedick claims to have _________________ rather than admit he is in love.
sick When Beatrice’s friends tease her about being in love with Benedick, she says she is just __________
foolish and cowardly Based on Dogberry’s words and actions, the reader can tell that he is this type of character.
Conrade and Borachio The watchmen arrest these two characters after overhearing them discuss how they discredited Hero.
Dogberry and Verges At the end of Act III, these two characters attempt to inform Leonato about the arrest of Borrachio and Conrade.
Examine the men they arrested and report back to Leonato later. At the end of Act III, it takes Dogberry and Verges so long to get to the point that Leonato tells them to do this.