Much Ado About Nothing Act II

Who is Don Pedro’s musician that decides to dance with Hero’s servant Margaret? Balthasar
Who thinks she will never marry? Beatrice
When does Leonato want Claudia to marry Hero? Monday – 1 week
The lover of Hero’s servant, Margaret Borachio
Who tells Beatrice that he will marry her, but she thinkis he is too good for her with his lavish and fancy clothes too valuable for her? Don Pedro
Who according to Benedick has turned from a plain-speaking, practical soldier into a moon-eyed lover? Claudia
The name of Hero’s servant Margaret
Who decides that in order to pass the time in waiting for the wedding, that they should plan to make Benedick and Beatrice stop hating each other and fall in love? Don Pedro
Because he is wearing a mask, Don John addresses Claudia as if he were ______ in order to trick him Benedick
Who does Don John make jealous by making ____ (him) think that Don Pedro has decided to win and keep Hero for himself instead of giving her to _____ as he had promised? Claudia
For Her and Beatrice, what mix of two men who create the ultimate perfect guy? Benedick and Don John
Who will Don John bring below the window of Hero’s room on the night before the wedding, where they should hide and watch, in order to trick people to thinking Hero is unfaithful and a****** when Don John will have Borachio make love to a woman who resembles Hero? Don Pedro and Claudia
Whose company does Benedick not enjoy at the party and tries to stay away because she said nasty things to him during the dance? Beatrice
Who learns about the marriage of Claudia and Hero and IMMEDIATLELY wants to wickedly prevent it? Don John
Who tells Claudia that Hero has agreed to marry him (Claudio) Don Pedro
Don John’s servant who devises a plan for Claudio and Hero’s wedding to end Borachio
Where is Benedick hiding as Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio are purposely talking (lying) about how much Beatrice loves Benedick in order to get them to stop fighting? in the bushes
Who decides to help Don Pedro with making Benedick and Beatrice fall in love? Leonato, Hero, Claudio
When does Claudio want to marry Hero? The next day
With whom does Claudio discuss the wedding date of him and Hero? Don John