Much Ado About Nothing Act II

Scene 1 What is going on in Leonanto’s house A masquerade party
Scene 1: What does Beatrice say to Benedick, without knowing she was talking to Benedick She insults him calls in the prince’s jester and a dull fool but, she would still like to talk to him.
Scene 1: How does Don John upset Claudio By convincing Claudio that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself. Don John says Pedro told him this earlier in the evening
Scene 1: What does Pedro tell Benedick he will do to prove his friendship to Claudio He will make Hero fall in love with Claudio and then tell him and that will solve the problem.
Scene 1: While talking with Don Pedro, how does Benedick respond to Beatrice’s comments about himself? He responds by insulting her.Her words are like daggers and gladly stabs me. If her breath were as bad as her attitude they could smell it at the North Star. I would not marry her even if it would let man back into the Garden.I wish some scholar would make her disappear. While she is around I envy the people in Hell because they don’t have to put up with her. Also she is a Harpy
Scene 1: What jobs does Benedick ask Don Pedro for instead of speaking to Beatrice? Fetching a toothpick from the farthest reaches of Asia, Plucking a beard hair from a Mongol king’s beard. Getting the foot of a dead African king. Being an ambassador to the Pygmies
Scene 1: How is Claudio convinced that Pedro doesn’t want Hero for himself? Pedro, Leonanto, Hero’s father; and Beatrice tell him she is won for Claudio and ready to marry him when he chooses.
Scene 1: What does Leonanto say to Claudio’s idea of being married tomorrow? No, it is too soon, next Monday the wedding shall take give us time to plan and invite.
Scene 1: What kind of husband does Beatrice want? Two husbands one like Don Pedro to take to parties and be fancy and another for working on those days when work needs done.
Scene 1: How does Pedro plan to pass the week? He plans to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love.
Scene 1: Who is going to help Pedro in his plan? Claudio, Leonanto, Hero,
Scene 2: Why is Don John upset? His plan to cause strife and mischief failed
Scene 2: What is Don John’s new plan since Claudio and Hero are engaged? To have Borachio and Margaret kissing in front of window in Hero’s room. Don John will then show Claudio and Pedro the scene from the court yard below and when Borachio calls Hero’s name they will be certain and that will ruin their lives. (Muah ha ha ha)
Scene 3: At the beginning of the scene what is Benedick lamenting and why? That his good friend Claudio is getting married. He says it is turning Claudio soft, he use to value armor and direct deliberate speech, now he waits for fancy jackets practice poetic speaking.
Scene 3: What kind of a woman is Benedick willing to marry? She has to be a good singer, virtuous, wise, wealthy, nobly born, beautiful, and he has to able to have good conversations with her but, her hair color doesn’t even matter
Scene 3: Who does Benedick try to hide from? Claudio, Leonanto, Pedro and Balthasar
Scene 3: What is Pedro’s plan once they know Benedick can her them? They plan to tell tales of how much Beatrice loves Benedick and how stubborn she is in not wanting to tell him for fear he will scorn and embarass her
Scene 3: Why does Benendick believe his friends even though Beatrice is always so cantankerous toward him? If it were just his friends he would doubt but, Leonanto is in on this and Benedick doesn’t think they know he is listening.
Scene 3: What are some stories the group tells to convince Benedick? They say Hero has found several love letters hidden under Beatrice’s pillow and mattress, written from Beatrice to Benedick. Beatrice cries and beats her chest because the unrequited love is so strong.Hero fears that if something isn’t done Beatrice may hurt herself
Scene 3: What is the reason to not tell Benedick about Beatrices feelings to face? The groups says they think Benedick laugh at her and not return the love.
Scene 3: What description of Beatrice do they give for Benedick to hear? The group says she is wise and loves to talk and beautiful and a good singer and virtuous and basically everything Benedick wants
Scene 3: Why did Benedick say he always thought he would die a bachelor? “I only said I would die a bachelor because I never thought I would live long enough to be married.”
Scene 3: Beatrice says that he took no more pains to thank her than she took in coming to find him and that she finds as much pleasure in talking to him as he would find on a knife’s point. How does Benedick interpret this statement? He says she speaking in double meanings. If taking pains means love then she means she loves me if I love her. I think I am starting to understand her.