Much ado about nothing act 4 scene 1 & 2

what is claudios response when friar asks if he comes to be married? he tells friar no
what does caludio call hero? he calls her a rotten orange
what is claudios acusation against hero? claudio claims that hero is an approved wanton and that she has been unfaithful to him with borachio. he says he saw hero with borachio through the window the night before
how does hero react to count claudio claims? hero denies and then faints.
describe leonatos reaction to counts accusations? leonato believes the count and denounces hero as his daughter. he wishes she was dead.
who defends hero by saying that her blushes were from embarresment and not shame? the friar defends hero.
who does benedick suspect is behind the confusion around hero? benedick believes don john is involved.
describe the plan that friar creates about hero? friar tells leonato to publicly announce hero dead, and secretly hide her.friar believes claudio will feel remorse for his role in her death and realize he had been wrong about her faithfulness. if it doesnt work then friar says to put hero in a cloister.
what confession does beatrice make to benedick? beatrice tells benedick that she loves him
what request does beatrice make of benedick? beatrice demands that benedick prove his love for her by killing claudio for what he did to hero.
of what crime does dogberry acuse borachio and comrad? dogberry confuses his words and claims that borachio and comrad are acused of perjury, burglury
what does don john do after hero is acused? don john secretly steals away from messina.
what does the sexton suggest that dogberry do with his prisoners? sexton suggests that dogberry take them before leonato and show him his examination of them
what virtues does dogberry claim he should be respected for? dogberry said ” wise, officer of the law, landowner, he is rich, and handsome.