Much Ado About Nothing- Act 4 Scene 1

1. How does Claudio reject Hero? Contemptuously as a wanton
2. What does Don Pedro call Hero? A common stale
3. What fate does Leonato wish upon his daughter, Hero, after she swoons away? And what extreme measure is he willing to take to bring it about? Leonato wishes his daughter dead and he is willing to kill her himself
4. Did Beatrice sleep with Hero the night before? No
5. Who declares his belief that Hero is innocent? Friar Francis
6. Whom does Benedick intuit as the author of the slander? Don John
7. What does Friar Francis direct Leonato to do? Hide Hero away, announce that she died upon being accused, and to hold public mourning for her
8. For whom does Beatrice weep? Hero
9. Who confess their love for each other? Benedick and Beatrice
10. Who will Benedick challenge? Claudio