Much Ado About Nothing Act 4

He believes that Claudio took her virginity before they were married. After Claudio calls Hero a w***e, what assumption does Leonato make?
What man was at your window last night? What question does Claudio ask Hero? How does she respond?
His heart is broken and he will never trust women again because of Hero. As a result of Hero’s “disloyalty,” how have Claudio’s feelings toward love changed?
She faints. After Leonato asks if anyone has a dagger’s point for him, what happens to Hero?
He hopes she dies. As a result of her “shame,” what’s Leonato’s hope for Hero?
The Friar and Beatrice. Which two characters truly believe in Hero’s innocence?
Don John. According to Benedick, Claudio and Don Pedro are very honorable men; therefore, they must have been deceived by…
Pretend that Hero is dead Briefly describe the Friar’s plan. How does he think his plan will affect Claudio?
She would become a Nun. If the Friar’s plan doesn’t work, what should Leonato do with Hero?
She wants him to kill Claudio. How does Beatrice want Benedick to prove his love for her?
Borachio and Conrade. Which characters are being cross-examined in this scene?
Not in Messina. According to the Sexton, where’s Don John?
That Dogberry was called an Ass. What does Dogberry wish had been written down during the cross-examination?