Much Ado about Nothing Act 4

How does Claudio shock the wedding assembly? He reveals that Hero cheated on him and is not a virgin.
What is Hero’s response to Claudio’s accusation? She faints.
What is Leonato’s reaction to the accusations against his daughter? He believes Claudio, he is angry with Hero, and he says that she is better off dead.
Who says, “Call me a fool… If this sweet lady lie not guiltless”? Friar Francis
What is the friar’s plan for seeing that the truth comes out? He says that she must fake her death so everyone will miss her and feel bad.
Where does the friar suggest Hero go, if she has been faithless? A nunnery
What is Benedick agreeing to do when he says, “Enough, I am engaged”? Kill Claudio
What does Dogberry keep insisting be written down about him? that he is an ass