Much ado about nothing Act 3 scene 3,4,5

Dogberry leader of the watch crew
Who is the most deserving watchmen? Seacole
What does Dogberry teach seacole? to be thankful for talents of reading instead of looks
Seacole’s assignment? To apprehend any vagrant men seen during the night
Second Watchmen? Seacole
What is one necessity of the watchman job? to not talk
Why does Seacole visit all the bars? To tell any drunk people to go home
What’s the result of disobedient suspects? They get left in the sober
What happens when a baby cries? Seacole calls the nurse
Who does Seacole represent? the prince
Where does Dogberry send Seacole? to watch Leonato’s house; the wedding
What’s a deformed villain? fashion
Who does Borachio call Margaret? Hero
What is Claudio going to do about the fake kissing? He will ditch Hero
Who are apprehended by the watchmen? Borachio and Conrade
What happens at the beginning of Act 3 Scene 4? Hero sends Ursula to wake up her cousin
What’s the main conversation at that same time^ Margaret and Hero picking out the right dress
What time was the wedding that morning? It was at 5 o clock
What is “My heart is very heavy.” Hero is really sad
Why does Dogberry come up to Leonato’s door at the ending of the act? to report the suspects found
Who is Friar Frances? The priest
Description of Hero’s dress gold threadsilver lace
What does Beatrice complain to Margeret? she is sick
What will seacole do to the criminals? Seacole will examine them w/ a piece of paper and pencil