Much Ado About Nothing Act 2 Test

What does Beatrice say are the characteristics of an excellent man? Handsome, agile, rich, halfway between Don John and Benedick; not being too quiet (Don John) or too loud (Benedick)
What do Don Pedro and Hero talk about at the Masked ball? Why is it important that they are wearing masks? Don Pedro disguises himself as Claudio and talks to Hero about love and marriage
What do Beatrice and Benedick talk about at the masked ball? Why is it important that they are wearing masks? Beatrice insults Benedick after thinking he said something bad about her to the “masked someone” in front of her and talks about how he has given her a bad reputation (Directly to Benedick); he would not have heard these things without a mask if she knew it was him she was talking to
What does Don John tell Claudio? What is Claudio’s reaction? How is it cleared up? Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro loves Hero. Claudio becomes depressed and gives up on Hero. This confusion is cleared up by Don Pedro when he tells Claudio that Hero is all his.
What is Benedick’s reaction to Beatrice’s teasing? Benedick goes on a long rant talking about how she is awful and not good for him; takes it personally
“She were an excellent wife for Benedick” Who says it and why is it important/what does it hint to? Don Pedro because they were talking about how Beatrice would poorly mock a husband; Benedick is not mocked by her, they balance each other out. It hints that there is a possible future relationship between Beatrice and Benedick
“Yea, my lord, but I can cross it”Who says it to who? Why is it important? Borachio says this to Don John because he is saying that he can sabotage the marriage of Claudio and Hero; yet again helping Don John get back at Don Pedro for revenge
What do Don John and Borachio plan to do to break up the marriage of Claudio and Hero? They plan to have Borachio sleep with Margarete (who looks like Hero in Hero’s bedroom) as Claudio thinks ‘Hero’ is cheating on him, and this will break up Hero and Claudio right before their marriage.Margarete doesn’t know about the plan-> Borachio is using his sexual relations with her in this situation
What qualities does Benedick say a woman must have? A woman must be fair, wise, and virtuous, pure (virgin) to be his woman
What trick do Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato play on Benedick? They let Benedick eavesdrop on their conversation when they talk about how Beatrice loves Benedick to make him think “Wow! Me? She loves me?!
“Bait the hook well; this fish/will bite” Who says this? Why is it important? What does it compare? Claudio to Leonato; he says that to make the conversation about Beatrice’s love juicier (That Benedick is eavesdropping) to make Benedick more convincedMETAPHOR: Bait -> BeatriceHook -> Men’s conversationFish -> BenedickBite -> Benedick pursuing BeatriceFishermen -> The men in the conversation
Why is Benedick easily convinced that Beatrice loves him? Because Leonation (Beatrice’s uncle) is in the conversation and Benedick doesn’t think he would lie about her feelingsIt is hinting at the fact that Benedick wants Beatrice in his life
In what way does Benedick misinterpret Beatrice’s words at the end of scene three? He thinks that she is insulting him by saying she does not want to be there
“You take pleasure then in the message?””Yea, just so much as you may take upon a knife’s point and choke a daw withal” BenedickBeatriceBeatrice compares her pleasure of being at dinner with him to him having a knife to a crow’s neckShe does not want to be thereSIMILE
Aside A character expresses his thoughts/emotions that is not meant for other characters to hear
Soliloquy A speech where a character speaks his INNERMOST thoughts alone
Monologue A long speech
Leonato Governor or Messina
Hero Leonato’s daughter
Beartice Leonato’s niece, best friend to Hero
Margaret One of Hero’s two serving women
Ursula One of Hero’s two serving women
Don Pedro Prince of Aragon, longtime friend of Leonato
Claudio A soldier and nobleman who loves Hero
Benedick Another soldier who loves/hates Beatrice
Balthasar A musician and servant in Leonato’s household
Don John Bastard, Don Pedro’s brother/servant
Borachio Servant to Don John and lover of Margaret
Conrade Other server to Don John
“For hear me, wooing, wedding and repenting are as a Scotish jig, a measure, and a cinquepace. The first suit is hot and hasty like a Scotish jug, and full of fantastical; the wedding, mannerly-modest a measure, full of state and ancientry; and then comes repentance, and with his bad legs falls into the cinque-pace faster and faster till he sink to his grave”Who says this? What is it? Beatrice to HeroSIMILEdance to marriageFast dance -> lustSlow -> relationship diesPERSONIFICATIONGiving repentace the ability to progress towards death with bad legs
“So you walk softly, and look sweetly, and say nothing, I am yours for the walk, and especially when I walk away”Who says this? What is the significance of this? Hero to Prince PedroIt makes her a traditional renaissance woman who goes with the flow and does not refuse any request.
“When I like your favor, for God defend the lute should be like the case”Who says this? To who? What is this? What is the context? Hero to PedroSIMILEShe says your face should be like your mask, she wants to like your faceHero decides to dance with a man who she doesn’t know looks like.
“My visor is Philemon’s roof; within the house is love”Who says this? To who? What is the significant? Pedro to HeroPedro says that his visor is a poor man and his face is God.He says he is more beautiful than his mask.
What do Benedick and Margaret talk about at the ball? Benedick wants Margaret to like him because he likes her; Margaret says you do not want to like me, I have many bad qualities
What do Margaret and Balthasar talk about at the ball? Margaret flirtatiously tells him to keep Benedick out of her sight til the end of the ball
What do Ursula and Antonio talk about at the ball? Ursula says that she knows it is Antonio by th wrinkling of his hand, Antonio denies it
“That I was disdainful, and that I had my good wit out of The Hundred Merry Tales! Well, this was Signior Benedick that said so”Who said this? To who? What is the significance of this? Beatrice to Benedick (doesn’t know it is Benedick)She thinks that Benedick said she was disdainful and got all of her words out of a joke bookIt sets the convo where she is ticked and insults Benedick
“Why, he is the Prince’s jester, a very dull fool; only his gift is in devising impossible slanders. None but libertines delight in him, and the commendation is not in his wit but in his villainy, for he both pleases men and angers them, and then they laugh at him and beat him. I am sure he is in the fleet. I would he had boarded me.”Who says this? To who? What is significant about this? Beatrice to Benedick (Doesn’t know/care if it is Benedick)She is insulting him not knowing it is him after she thinks he talked poorly about herThis sparks the idea of “Does she like him?” because she says she doesn’t yet she talks so much about him
“Signior, you are very near my brother in his love. He is enamored on Hero. I pray you dissuade him from her. She is no equal for his birth. You may do the part of an honest man in it”Who says this? To who? What does it mean? (Context) Don John speaks to Claudio pretending to think it is Benedick, Claudio goes along with it when John knows it is Claudio but Claudio doesn’t know that he knows Manipulating Claudio by saying Pedro is in love with Hero
Thus answer I in the name of Benedick,But hear these ill news with the ears of Claudio.’Tis certain so, the Prince woos for himself.Friendship is constant in all other thingsSave in the office and affairs of love.Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues.Let every eye nogetiate for itselfAnd trust no agent, for beauty is a witchAgainst whose charms faith melteth into blood.This is an accident of hourly proof,Which I mistrusted not. Farewell, therefore, Hero.Who says this? What is it? What is it’s significance? SOLILOQUYClaudio is depressed from Don John’s manipulation saying that Pedro was in love with Hero and that they will get married, thinks that his friend Pedro depressed him
“Even to the next willow, about your own business, country. What fashion will you wear the garland of? About your neck like an usurer’s chain? Or under your arm like a lieutenant’s scarf? You must wear it lne way, for the Prince hath got your hero”Who says this? To who? What is the significance? Benedick to ClaudioHe talks about a way to make Claudio wear something that says he is “off-market” because Pedro wooed Hero for himBenedick does not know that John manipulated Claudio so Claudio thinks Benedick is saying Pedro got Hero for himself
“The flat transgression of a schoolboy who, being overjoyed with finding a bird’s nest, shows it his companion and he steals it”Who says it? To who? Why is this important? METAPHORBenedick to PrinceComparing Claudio to a schoolboy who found Hero (Bird’s nest) and told Pedro, and Pedro stole her (according to John)Standing up for Claudio
“The Lady Beatrice hath a quarrel to you, The gentleman that danced with her told her she is much wronged by you”Who says this? To who? Why is it important? Pedro to BenedickHe says Benedick should apologize to Beatrice for his words; starts Benedick’s long rant about how he is awful
“No, my lord, unless I might have another for working days. Your Grace is too costly to wear every day. But I beseech your Grace pardon me. I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.”Who says this? To who? Why is it important? Beatrice to PedroPedro asks Beatrice to be her wife and she says no, showing she is a non-renaissance womanMETAPHORHis expenses to what she risks to marry him (she is too high of a social status for ihm)
“O Lord, my Lord, if they were but a week married, they would talk themselves mad”Who says this? To who? Why is this important? Leonato to PedroTalking about Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship should be together yet they are bad for each other
Who plots to bring Beatrice and Benedick together? Who does he ask help from? Pedro; Claudio, Hero and Leonato
Where is the mask ball hosted? Leonato’s house
What happens in act 2 scene 1? (Summary) Don pedro and his soldiers, disguised in masks, dance with the ladies of Leonato’s household/ While Don Pedro woos Hero, Beatrice mocks Benedick. After the dance, Don John distresses Claudio by telling him that Hero has been won Hero’s love. When it is cleared up and Claudio knows he has won Hero on behalf of Pedro, he wants to marry her right way. Leonato insists that a week is needed to prepare for the wedding. Don Pedro proposes that the intervening time will be used to trick B + B into falling in love.
Summary of Act 2 Scene 2 Don John and Borachio agree on aplan to disrupt Claudio and hero’s upcoming marriage. Borachio will convince Claudio that Hero is unfaithful by staging a meeting with margaret. Margaret will be dressed in Hero’s clothes, and Claudio will think Hero has cheated on him with Borachio. Borachio is tricking Margaret
Summary of act 2 scene 3 Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro stage a conversation for Benedick to overhear. they talk about Beatrice’s desperate love for Benedick, about their fears that her suffering will destroy her, and about how Benedick would mock Beatrice if he knew of her love. Benedick decides that he must love Beatrice in return.
What does Benedick’s monologue explain? It explains how Claudio used to be a structured military man and now he is a man in love, and he questions if he could turn into that kind of manHis perfect girl does not exist unless it is in Beatrice
“Stalk on, stalk on, the foul sits”Who says this? To who? Why is it important? Claudio to PedroKeep the conversation going to purse Benedick
Who is part of the conversation that benedick eavesdrops? Why is it significant to convincing Benedick? Leonato, Claudio, Pedro, BalthasarBenedick doesn’t think Leonato would lie about Beatrice’s feelings
“I should think this is a gull but that the white-bearded fellow speaks it. Knavery cannot, sure, hide himself in such reverence”Who says this? To who? What is important about it? Benedick to himselfHe should think it is a trick but he doesn’t become Leonato (Beatrice’s uncle) is part of it
“He hath ta’en th’ infection. Hold it up”Who says this? to who? Why is it important? Claudio to PedroMETAPHORInfection = loveKeep the conversation going it is working
What do they say Beatrice does every night to convince Benedick that she is deeply in love with him> Leonato says Beatrice writes love letters to him 20 minutes a night
“O, very well, my lord. The music ended, we’ll fit the kid-fox with a pennyworth”Who says this? To who? Why is it important? Claudio to PEdroMETAPHORComparing Benedick to a young fox getting a punishment
Virtuous Pure virgin
“I would she had bestowed this dotage on me. I would have daffed all other respects and made her half myself. I pray you tell Benedick of it, and hear what he will say”Who says this? To who? Why is it significant? Pedro to other mensaying thatr BEnedick is lucky he gets Beatrice
“Let there be the same net spread for her, and that must your daughter and her gentlewoman carry. The sport will be when they hold one an opinion of another’s dotage, and no such matter. That’s the scene that I would see, which will merely be a dumb show. Let us send him in to dinner”Who says this? To who? Why is it important? Pedro to LeonatoMETAPHORFishing to catching BeatriceThey want Hero to convince Beatrice to fall in love and have her go to dinner with Benedick