Much Ado About Nothing Act 2

What does Leonato and Antonio say about Beatrice and marriage to tease her? She will never marry because she is too mean.
In what ways are Beatrice and Benedick alike? They are against marriage, stubborn, and outspoken
What does Beatrice have against marriage? She doesn’t want to be dictated by a man and not marry out of love.
How do the people pair off at the ball dance? Don Pedro and HeroBalthasar and MargaretAntonio and UrsulaBenedick and Beatrice
How does Beatrice insult Benedick? She he’s not funny, he is a jester, very dull, a fool, only mean; he feels like the whole world sees him that way now
why does don John ask Claudio if he is Benedict? Don John knows he is Claudio but wants to tell him that Don Pedro is in love with Hero.
What is Caudio’s response to the news Don John gives him? he should have gone to Hero himself and he knows that love gets in the way of friendship. He says goodbye hero.
What is Benedick’s reaction to Beatrice’s earlier insult? he will get revenge
to what does Benedick compare Claudio? What is being suggested about Claudio? a bird; he trust to many people
for what reason does Benedick exit in such a hurry? In leaving, what does Benedick call Beatrice? What is suggested about their verbal dueling? Beatrice comes in and he is trying to avoid her; Lady Tongue; everything they say actually hurts each other sometimes, and each insult is chosen for a reason
Explain the pun Benedict uses He hates the dish of his lady tongue
He teases her about putting Benedick down. He teases her about putting Benedick down.
How is Beatrice a foil for Hero? Hero is much more of a traditional lady of the time and Beatrice is not.
Hoe does Leonato react to Beatrice and Benedick as a pair? he thinks that they would drive themselves crazy
How Beatrice a foil for Don John? she is outspoken and he is not
How is Don Johns Presence an exception t the harmony? he is trying to get revenge and start another uprising
Explain Borachio’s scheme to end the marriage plans of Claudio and Hero. What is Don John’s part in the plan? tell the Prince that Hero is a prostitute; convince Claudio and Prince (Don Pedro) that she really is a prostitute by making up things an giving “proof”
According to Borachio, why will Margaret cooperate in this? they are lovers and she will do anything for him
what is the point of Benedick’s soliloquy? it reveals why he likes Beatrice
what does Benedick do as Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro enter? Why? hide; wants to see what they have to say about Beatrice
Don Pedro notices… don John is not at the dinner
What three things does Don Pedro say about Beatrice that convinces Benedick that she loves him? 1. She writes letters to him2. She will die if he doesn’t love her3. She cries at night for Benedick
What two reasons will Benedick love Beatrice back? 1. He would be mean if he didn’t love her back2. He pities her
Describe three things that convince Benedick that Claudio and Leonato’s conversation is truthful Beatrice writes letters to Benedick then rips it up; she will die if he doesn’t love her back or tells him she loves him; she cries at night for him
what does Benedict say when Beatrice brings him dinner Lovely Beatrice, thank you
“But doth not the appetite alter” Don’t tastes change?
explain Benedick’s remarks “…shall quips and sentences, and these paper bullets of the brain, awe a man from the career of his humor?” nothing can stop a man from getting what his heart desires