Much Ado About Nothing Act 1 Scene 1 Study Questions English 10

The messenger tells Leonato someone will be arriving in Messina, who is coming? Don Pedro is coming with claudio, Benedick from war.
Beatrice questions the messenger about someone, Who? To Benedick Leonato niece.
According to Leonato, who is fighting a “Merry War”? Beatrice and Benedick.
What is it that Benedick swears will never happen to him? He’s never getting married.
Who catches Claudio eye? Hero
Who is Don John? Why does he want to cause trouble? He’s Don Pedro bother.
How long do Don Pedro and his company plan on staying in Messina? A least a month.
Describe Beatrice’s greeting to Benedick upon his arrival She makes fun of him.
Where does Claudio say he has spent time before coming to Messina? They came back from War, and want to get focus of the war not on the girl. And has time to focus.
What does Don Pedro intend to do for claudio? He pretect to be Claudio.
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s bother
What does Antonio claim to have learned from one of the servants? He want Don Pedro to know he’s in love.
What is Leonato’s reaction to the news regarding Don Pedro’s wooing his doughter? Leonato is delighted to hear this news.
What are Don John’s true feelings towards his bother, Don Pedro? Don’t like his brother.
What news does Borachio bring to Don John? That he’s in loveDon Pedro plans to woo hero for count claudio.
What does Don John plan to do regarding Claudio and Hero? Why? Don John hopes to ruin claudio’s relationship with Don Pedro by foiling the plans surrounding HeroAnd hates claudio.
Who is Borachio? Don John’s companion.