Much Ado About Nothing Act 1 Scene 1

Who were Pedro’s men fighting? Don John’s revolution
What does Pedro promise to do for Claudio? Disguise himself, talk to Hero, then talk to her dad as Pedro and arrange the marriage
What are Benedick and Beatrice engaged in? A battle of wits
What does Hero look like? Short, dark hair
What does Beatrice look like? Tall, fair skinned, red hair
Who is reading a poem in the tree in the first scene? Beatrice
Who is the keeper of the house? Ursula
Why doesn’t Benedick want Claudio to marry Hero? He wants them to be bachelors together
What is cuckolding When a wife is unfaithful to her husband (very embarrassing for the man)
Why wouldn’t Beatrice go to hell? She would be a virgin
What is Don Pedro’s title? Prince from Argon in Spain
Why is Don John so envious of Don Pedro? Don John is the younger brother of Don Pedro and wants Don Pedro’s title/perks of being a first son
Who is Leonato and why is he important? Governor of Messina and father of Hero
Why does Benedick not want to marry Beatrice? She is too independent and does not want to be cuckolded
What does Claudio compare Hero too A jewel