Much Ado About Nothing

Why does Benedick challenge Claudio to a duel? For causing the death of an innocent girl
Why are Borachio and Conrade arrested? For fooling Claudio into thinking Hero was disloyal
Horns are a symbol for? Marriage
What are easily made and lost? Reputations
What do Beatrice and Benedick claim to hate? Love
What does Don Pedro hatch a plan to do? Get Beatrice and Benedick together
What was Release Date? 2 July 1993
What was the Budget? 8,000,000
What are the three genre types for this movie? Comedy, Drama, Romance
What were the locations the movie was filmed at? Villa Vignamaggio, Greve in Chianti, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Who played Conrade? Richard Clifford
What is the Run time of the movie? 111 min
When was the play first performed? 1612
Where is the play taking place? Sicily
Who played Benedick at the Old Vic theater in 1930? John Gielgud