Much Ado About Nothing

What offer does Don Ledro maketo Claudio? He offers to pretend to behim and make Hero fall in love with him
What advice does Beatrice give hero? The fault will be in the music if she doesn’t get wooed in good time. Wooing, wedding, and repenting is as a scotch jig. The wedding is full of state and anciently and repentance later comes with bad legs fall, until he sinks into his grave
What lie does Don John tell Claudio? How does Claudio react to Don John’s lie? What does this show us about Claudio? Hero cheating on him, he gets mad, he believes anything
What does Benedick suggest Claudio do? Wear the garland or not
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults? “O God sir, here’s a dish I love not! i cannot endure my lady tongue.” Then he left
What happens when Beatrice tells Don Pedro that Claudio is jealous? Don Pedro agrees with Beatrice and said his idea is false
What plan does Don Pedro concoct, and whose help does he enlist? He will interim one of Herculease’s labors and bring Benedick and Beatrice into a mountain of affection. Leonato and Claudioo
How are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John complete opposites? Don Pedro plans that Benedick and Beatrice get into a mountain of affection while Don John plans is getting some advice from Borachio, which he agrees with
What does Benedick overhear? Why does he believe it? That Beatrice should date Benedick. He thinks it may be possible, but it may be a trick, then he doesn’t think it is a trick because it seems her love for him are tightly stretched
What resolve does Benedick make based on his eavesdropping? He will love Beatrice back
What trick is played on Beatrice? Hero and Ursula are talking about her while she is hiding in the bush. They are basically talking about her and Benedick
What does Beatrice resolve? That they didn’t know she is in the bush listening and they want her to date Benedick and she believes it
What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio? Don John tells them that he is creating a plan to humiliate Hero
What decision do Claudio and Dom Pedro make and why? They chose to humiliate Hero because they think she is unfaithful
Who are Dogberry and Verges? What stereotype do they represent? Guards/policemen. They represent a dumb/stupid stereotype and they also never get their job done
What was the watch’s job that night? They were supposed to not do their job
Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato? How does Leonato react? Dogberry and Verges went to see Leonato to talk to him about the people they arrested to let him interrogate them