Much Ado about Nothing

where have don pedro, claudio, and benedick been war with don john
about whom does beatrice ask and why benedick; she hides her interest
who was defeated in the war; how does don pedro treat the loser and why don john; with kindness and respect because he has no ill intent towards his half brother
how do beatrice and benedick treat each other; what conclusions can you draw about their relationship not very nice; someone has been hurt
in whom is claudio interested and why; how does benedick feel about her hero because she is pretty; benedick doesn’t like her
what does don pedro plan on happening before he dies see benedick fall in love
when claudio talks to don pedro about hero, he shows he is interested in hero for more than her looks and personality. what else motivates him her money/inheritance
what offer does don pedro make claudio pretend to be claudio and woo hero
eavesdropping or noting scenes are crucial to the plot. what does antonio learn from his eavesdropping servant don pedro wishes to marry hero
in the renaissance, illegitimate sons were stereotyped as wicked and conniving. don john, the comedy’s villain, is no exception. how is he villainous he constantly seeks revenge
what info obtained by eavesdropping does borachio bring don john don pedro will woo hero for claudio
what resolution does don john make sabotage claudio and hero’s relationship
what happens to beatrice when she sees don john and why she gets heart burn because of his sour mood
what kind of man does beatrice consider ideal 1/2 benedick, 1/2 don john
what advice does beatrice offer hero to marry the man she chooses, not who her father chooses
what does leonato instruct hero to do marry don pedro if he asks
who pairs off at the party beatrice and benedick, don pedro and hero, ursula and antonio, margaret and balthasaar
at the party,beatrice recognizes benedick in spite of his mask. how does she use this knowledge to her advantage and why she insults him in order to mess with him and make him mad
what lie does don john tell claudio that don pedro stole hero for himself
in turn, what lie does claudio tell that he is benedick
how does claudio react to don john’s lie; what does this show about claudio he gets upset/hurt; he is gullible
what does benedick suggest claudio do either fifth for her or stop whining
how does benedick react to beatrice’s insults he gets angry/hurt and wants revenge
when beatrice takes claudio to don pedro and tells don pedro that he is jealous, what does the ruler do hands hero over to him
what does don pedro ask beatrice and what is her answer to marry him; no because he is too good for her
what plan does don pedro concoct and whose help does he enlist to get beatrice and benedick together; claudio, leonato, and hero
how are the plans of don pedro and don john complete opposites don pedro gets people together, don john breaks up relationships
what kind of woman appeals to benedick rich, wise, virtuous, pretty, mild, noble, musician
what does benedick overhear that beatrice is in love with him
why does benedick believe them leonato is in on it
what resolve does benedick make based on his eavesdropping to be in love with beatrice
on what errand does don pedro send beatrice to tell benedick dinner is ready
how does benedick react to beatrice’s news that dinner is ready he thinks she is flirting
what advice does antonio give to leonato? do not grieve so much, calm down or you will kill yourself
how does leonato react to this advice? he doesn’t listen, he is too upset for hero
when leonato won’t calm down, antonio gives new advice. what is it? get revenge on those who hurt hero
what does leonato want claudio to do? does he? to fight him; no bc he’s too old
what does antonio offer to do? join leonato in killing claudio
how does don pedro react to the challenge? he says what they said about hero was true
when benedick enters, what does claudio ask from him? he wants him to pull out his wit and cheer him and DP up
what metaphor does benedick use for his cleverness? says it is a sword that can be drawn
who realizes that benedick is in a serious mood? don pedro
what does benedick want from claudio? his life
how does don pedro attempt to distract benedick? by talking about beatrice
how does benedick plan alter his relationship with don pedro? end their friendship
what news from benedick surprises don pedro? don john has left town
of what does dogberry accuse borachio and comrade? lying and slandering hero
what is ironic about dogberry’s response to borachio and conrade? he is supposed to be dumb, but he figures out the story
how does claudio feel when he hears borachio’s confession? he wants to die. it hurts. he misses and loves her
what offer does claudio make to leonato? do what you want as revenge
what penance does leonato give don pedro and claudio? tell the townspeople about hero’s innocence, place and epitaph at the tomb and sing, marry hero’s cousin
how does borachio demonstrate that he is not all bad? he says not to blame margaret because she didn’t know
what further accusation does dogberry make again borachio and conrade? calling him an ass
why does benedick thank margaret? for helping him with his poem
what does margaret want in return for this favor? she wants him to write her a sonnet
what is ironic about benedick singing a song about cupid? he said he would never be hit by cupid’s arrow and fall in love
what problem does benedick have with writing poetry? hard time rhyming
what does benedick want from beatrice? why won’t she comply? a kiss; he hasn’t dueled Claudio yet
why does beatrice say she’s in love with benedick? she loves all of him, even his bad parts
why does benedick say he loves beatrice? he loves her and can’t help it
to what conclusion do they come? they are in love, but too clever to be peacefully in love
who brings the couple news of hero’s exoneration? ursula
why must don pedro and claudio change clothes in act 5, scene 3? to look nice for the wedding
who is leonatos niece? hero
what favor does benedick want from friar francis? to marry him and beatrice
how does leonato hint at his part in the romance of beatrice and benedick? says beatrice saw him through hero’s eyes and benedicm through claudio, don pedro, and leonato’s. beatrice ignores
in act 5 scene 4, hero removes her physical mask and reveals that she is still alive. what emotional masks are removed in this scene? beatrice and benedick come out with their feelings for each other and benedick admits his change
what advice does benedick give don pedro? to get married
what job will benedick perform for don pedro? think of a punishment for don john