Much Ado About Nothing

The messenger tells Leonato someone will be arriving in Messina. Who is coming? Don Pedro and company
Beatrice questions the messenger about someone. Who? Signor Benedick
According to Leonato, who is fighting a “merry war”? Beatrice and Benedick
Describe Beatrice’s greeting to Benedick upon his arrival. Rude
How long do Don Pedro and his company plan on staying in Messina? At least a month
Who is Don John? Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother
Who catches Claudio’s eye? Hero
What is it that Benedick swears will never happen to him? He swears he will never fall in love
Where does Claudio say he has spent time before coming to Messina? The war
What does Don Pedro intend to do for Claudio? He will go to the party as Claudio and confess his love to Hero so that Claudio and Hero will get married
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
What does Antonio claim to have learned from one of his servants? Don Pedro is in love with Hero and intends to woo her
What is Leonato’s reaction to the news regarding Don Pedro wooing his daughter? He is happy. He wants Antonio to tell Hero so she can prepare an answer for him
Who is Borachio? A perfumer and a friend to Don John
What news does Borachio bring to Don John? The news that Claudio intends to marry Hero and Don Pedro is wooing Hero to win her for Claudio
What does Don John plan to do regarding Claudio and Hero? Why? He plans to spoil Claudio’s and Don Pedro’s plan to woo Hero. Claudio was responsible for Don John being overthrown by Don Pedro
Who does Leonato notice is not at supper that evening? Don John
For what does Beatrice say she is thankful to God every night? That she doesn’t have a husband
Where does Beatrice say that, as an unmarried woman, she shall go? She will go to the gates of hell and then be sent to the part of heaven where the bachelors are
What kind of party is Leonato hosting? A masquerade party
How does Beatrice further insult Benedick at Leonato’s masquerade party? She calls him the “Prince’s Fool”
How does Don John feed false information to Claudio Don John comes up to a masked Claudio “thinking” that its Benedick to tell him that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself
Who does Claudio become angry with after Don John shares what he has “heard”? He becomes angry at Hero and blames it on her beauty
What hint does Beatrice drop about the possible reason for her treatment of Benedick He broke her heart
What news does Don Pedro bring to claudio The marriage for Hero and Claudio has been set up
What plan does Don Pedro begin to concoct He plans how he is going to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love
What plan does Borachio devise that pleases Don John They are going to accuse Hero of infidelity. Borachio and Margaret will appear outside of Hero’s window and pose as Borachio and Hero to ruin Hero’s reputation and end the wedding.
What does Don John promise Borachio if he is able to pull off his scheme 1,000 gold coins
What information does Don John say he is going to obtain The date of the wedding
Why does Benedick send a servant to retrieve a book from his room He needs to be alone in his thoughts. This also allows Shakespeare to make Benedick have a soliloquy at this time
What changes in Claudio’s behavior does Benedick notice He talks more eloquently, used to not say as much; used to listen to war drums now listens to flowery music
What does Benedick blame for the unfavorable changes he sees in claudio Claudio is in love
What qualities must a woman possess before Benedick will even consider her for a wife Smart, fair, good musician, mild mannered, rich, virtuous, wise, loyal
What story do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio tell while Benedick is hiding in the arbor Beatrice is in love with benedick
What knowledge do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio have that Benedick is not aware of They know that Benedick is hiding
What is Benedick’s reaction to the news he overhears He falls in love with Beatrice
What plan have hero, Margaret, and Ursula agreed to participate in Don Pedro’s plan to get Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love
Why does hero claim that she will never tell Beatrice of Benedick’s “affections” Beatrice would scorn Benedick
What is Beatrice’s reaction when she overhears She is ashamed of her behavior and vows to change
Where is Don Pedro headed after Claudio and Hero’s wedding Aragon
What excuse does Benedick give for his melancholy behavior He has a “toothache”
What do Don Pedro and Claudio claim is “wrong” with Benedick He has fallen in love
What changes has Benedick made to his physical appearance Shaved his beard and wears cologne
What false news does Don John bring to Don Pedro and Claudio Hero is unfaithful
How does Don John intend to “prove” his accusations Showing them that a man is in Hero’s chambers with her
What does Claudio intend to do if he finds out that hero truly is inappropriately seeing other men He will shame Hero in front of the congregation
Who is Dogberry? Police of chief. He also provides comic relief
What does the reader notice about Dogberry’s and Verges’s speeches? They use the wrong word a lot (malapropism)
How does Dogberry instruct his watchmen to deal with any wrongdoers they may encounter? Leave them alone because then they are not the Prince’s men.
What do the watchmen happen to overhear? Borachio telling Conrad how Don Pedro’s plan worked
Describe Beatrice’s mood during the scene with Hero and Margaret. To what does Hero contribute this mood Grumpy and claims she’s “ill”. Hero says she’s sick in love
Describe the verbal banter among the women as they prepare for the wedding It’s upbeat and they tease each other
What does Dogberry tell Leonato right before the wedding and what is Leonato’s reply? They apprehended two suspicious people and Leonato tells him to deal with it himself. Leonato has more pressing concerns- the wedding
What is Claudio’s response when the Friar asks if he comes to be married? No
What does Claudio call Hero? A “rotten orange”
What is Claudio’s accusation against Hero? She is unfaithful
How does Hero react to Count Claudio’s claims? She is shocked and denies the accusations. She then swoons
Describe Leonato’s reaction to the Count’s accusations. He takes Claudio’s side and wants to kill Hero
Who defends Hero by saying that her blushes were from embarrassment and not from shame? The Friar
Who does Benedick suspect is behind the confusion surrounding Hero Don John
Describe the plan that the Friar creates regarding Hero. Tell everyone that Hero is “dead” that way they will stop saying rude things and only nice things about her.
What confession does Beatrice make to Benedick? She’s in love with him
What request does Beatrice make of Benedick? Kill Claudio
Of what crimes does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrad? He accuses them of perjury and burglary. He really means to accuse them of treachery and bribery
What does Don John do after Hero is accused? Flees Messina
What does the Sexton suggest that Dogberry do with his prisoners? Bring them to Leonato
For what “virtues” does Dogberry claim that he should be respected? He is an officer of the law, wise, handsome, rich, and a householder
What advice does Antonio give his brother regarding his grief? Have patience, get over it, and get revenge
Why does Leonato challenge Claudio to a duel? He feels Claudio has wronged Hero and blames him for Hero’s death
How does Antonio defend Leonato? He says that he will back up Leonato and fight Claudio too
Why does Benedick also challenge Claudio? Beatrice told him to
How does Don Pedro attempt to diffuse the situation between Claudio and Benedick? He tries to be funny
What news does Claudio learn from Borachio? The truth- that Don John is to be blamed and Hero is innocent
What does Claudio claim is his only sin in the events surrounding Hero’s “death”? A mistake in judgment
What things does Leonato insist that Claudio do in order to restore his daughter Hero’s honor? Proclaim Hero’s innocence, make and read and epitaph at her grave, and marry Leonato’s niece
Why does Beatrice want to know what has happened between Benedick and Claudio? She wanted to see if Claudio is dead
What does Claudio do at Hero’s tomb? He sings his epitaph and hangs it
Who sings a hymn at Hero’s tomb in her honor? Claudio
Who does Leonato claim were completely innocent in the accusations about Hero? Prince, Claudio, and Hero
Besides Don John, who does Leonato decide is also partly to blame for what happened to his daughter? Margaret
What does Leonato instruct Hero, Margaret, Ursula, and Beatrice to do when Claudio arrives for the wedding ceremony? To wear their masks
How does Don Pedro describe Benedick’s expression when he and Claudio enter? A “February” face; cloudy/stormy
What does Claudio discover once the wedding party enters? Hero is alive
What “evidence” do Claudio and Hero produce as proof that Benedick and Beatrice love each other? Love poems (sonnets)