Midsummer Night’s Dream Vocab Act 1:1-25

Nuptial (adj) Relating to marriage or a wedding ceremonySynonym: Wedding Antonym: Divorce
Wanes (v) To grow smaller or weakerSynonym: FadesAntonym: Strengthens
Wither (v) Dry up; shrivel awaySynonym: ShrivelAntonym: Epand
Pert (adj) Lively,alert,bright chipperSynonym: JoyfulAntonym: Gloomy
Nimble (adj) Acting or moving with ease and cheerful readinessSynonym: LightlyAntonym: Sluggish
Melancholy (n) The quality or state of being sadSynonym: DepressedAntonym: Chipper
Wooed (v) Try to gain the love or favor or anotherSynonym: AttractAntonym: Disgust
Reveling (v) To be festive in a noisy or riotous mannerSynonym: PartyingAntonym: Mourning
Feigning (adj) Pretending,insincereSynonym:PretendingAntonym: Obvious
Cunning (n) Highly skilled in being sly, tricky,craftySynonym: CraftyAntonym: Dull-Witted
Imprinted (v) Stamped, marked, molded, controlled by pressure Synonym: ForcesAntonym: Releases
Worthy (adj) Having honor or merit because of achievement; deserving of trustSynonym: Worthwhile Antonym: Deviant
Entreat (v) To ask something urgently:begSynonym: PleadAntonym: Decree
Befall (v) To take place or come about: happen to Synonym: HappensAntonym: Controls
Yield (v) Give in; submit to someone else’s willSynonym: SubmitAntonym: Resist
Endure (v) To take,put up with, suffer without protestSynonym: TolerateAntonym: Rebel
Undergo (v) To be subject to a procedure or experience, usually not pleasurable Synonym: Experience Antonym: Avoid
Austerity (adj) Without comforts/luxuries;characterized by strict disciplineSynonym: PlainAntonym: Gaudy
Scornful (adj) Sarcastically disrespectfulSynonym: HurtfulAntonym: Pleasant
Dotes (v) To be obsessed with; to think of nothing else except a person or thing beyond reasonable behaviorSynonym: Follows Antonym: Avoids
Inconsistent (adj) Lacking firmness, faithfulness, trustworthiness in purposeSynonym: FickleAntonym: Consistant
Confer (v) To carry on a conversation or discussion to reach a settlement on an important/ serious issueSynonym: MeetAntonym: Argue
Temptest (n) Violent stormSynonym: StormAntonym: Calmness
Seige (n) Persistent attackSynonym: AttackAntonym: Withdraw
Devour (v) Consume ravenouslySynonym: EatsAntonym: Nibbles