Midsummer night’s dream quotes/ LOVE and LOYALTY

“And you will rent our ancient love asunder, to join with men in scorning​ your poor friend? It is not friendly, ‘t is not maidenly: Our sex, as well as I, may chide you from it, though I alone do feel the injury.” -Helena, page 38 Helena is noticing that her friend Hermia is not acting very “maidenly”
“Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so.He will not know what all but he do know.And as he errs, doting on Hermia’s eyes,So I, admiring of his qualities.Things base and vile, holding no quantity,Love can transpose to form and dignity.Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”- Helena, page 8 In this quote, Helena says that although she is just as beautiful as Hermia, Demetrius only notices her beauty. As he doesn’t love her just from the outside but is in love with her spirit and personality. Even though Helena is more historically beautiful as she had lighter hair and skin and beauty at the time was said to be more “fair”, on the other hand, Hermia has darker hair and olive skin tone. LOVE QUOTE!
“The course of true love never did run smooth”- Lysander, page 5 Lysander is saying this while comforting Hermia about all the obstacles that they have to face to be together as her dad (Egeus) has forbidden them to marry and Theseus has threatened her with death if she disobeys her father. Lysander tells Hermia that as long as there has been true love, there have been obstacles in the way. LOVE QUOTE!
“Is all the counsel that we two have shared,The sisters’ vows, the hours that we have spent,When we have chid the hasty-footed timeFor parting us, -O is all forgot?All school-days’ friendship, childhood innocence?” -Helena, page 37 Helena and Hermia used to be best friends until the feud for Demetrius and Lysander.
“Fetch me that flower; the herb I shew’d thee once.The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laidWill make or man or woman madly doteUpon the next live creature that it sees.”-Oberon, page 17 Oberon states here that when someone’s eyes are anointed with love juice, they will fall in love with the first person they see when they awake. This makes us question true love in this story.
Love at first sight The idea of love at first sight in this story is tricky. For example, the love juice takes the idea of love at first sight very seriously because after their eyes are anointed with the juice, then the first person they see they fall in love with. But is this really love?
lovers obstacles The entire story of midsummer night’s dream revolves around the idea that “The course of true love never did run smooth”. The entire story, Hermia and Demetrius flee from Athens trying to find and live with their true love, they’re fighting other people against them (including Helena, Hermia’s father)
Loyalty Loyalty is a major theme in a Midsummer Night‟s Dream by William Shakespeare.Shakespeare made it a major theme in the play by making the characters either very loyal or not loyal in manyways. The Definition of loyal is: “the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments orobligations.” For example, Hermia in the play is not loyal to her father’s authority but stayed very loyal to Lysander.
Loyalty in ACT 1 Hippolyta to Theseus: she does not go against his word.Lysander to Hermia: he is willing to leave his life in Athens to run away so he can be with his love.Egeus to Hermia: he wants the best for his daughter even if it doesn’t make her happy, he is set in the old fashion ways so we cannot blame him for bossing his daughter around. Hermia to Lysander: she risks the life to run away to be with him, but is unloyal to her father at the same time. Helena to Demetrius: when she tells him about Hermia’s and Lysander‟s plan to elopein the woods. Showing that she is more loyal to her love rather than her best friend.
Loyalty in ACT 2 Puck to Oberon: he obeys his master in making in collecting the flower and putting iton Lysander‟s eyes even if he got confused which person he still tried.Titania to her friend‟s child: she will not give the boy to Oberon to be a servantbecause she feels that she should be a loyal friend to the mother and look after him for her sake.Helena to Demetrius: she follows him trying to woo him, like a dog to show her loyalty.Oberon to Titania: Oberon should be a loyal husband and let her keep the boy but is to selfish to give in.Lysander to Hermia: he lies near her but not too close to invade her space.Lysander to Helena: he shows disloyalty (after the potion) by saying he hates Hermia and follows Helen
Loyalty in ACT 3 Mechanicals to Bottom: they are not loyal because as soon as they think he is a monster they run without trying to help him.Titania to Bottom: she orders her fairies to get him everything he desires. Fairies to Titania: they cannot see what Titania sees in bottom but still obey her wishes by serving him.Demetrius to Helena: he fights Lysander for her. Hermia to Helena: she is unloyal and gets mad at her for stealing Lysander‟s love.