Midsummer nights dream ACT 5

Why did Theseus want to watch the play at the end?A. He actually didn’t want to watch it.B. Because he appreciated that Shakespeare wanted to parody Romeo and Juliet through the characters of Thisbe and PyramusC. He wanted to appreciate what his low-class subjects were trying to do, even if they did it imperfectlyD. He wanted to make sure that his new wife Hippolyta understood the importance of allowing plays to happen in their homeE. He wanted to celebrate the fact that Hermia did not have to marry Demetrius or die. Watching a play about what could have happened to her and Lysander if he had not intervened makes the Duke happy. C
What do Oberon. Titania, and the other fairies do to bless the marriages?a. Dance at the weddingb. Dance at midnight in the Duke’s homec. Dance at sunset in the Duke’s gardend. Pull flowers from the Duke’s garden at sunset and place them outside the doors as they danced through the halls at sunrisee. None of the above B
What actor gives the prologue to the play as they perform it for the Duke?a. Snoutb. Flutec. Bottomd. Snuge. none of the above E
How did Hippolyta react to the play?A. She was surprised at the depth of the characters despite that they were played by rude mechanicalsB. She was critical of the moon and most of the play because she thought that the actors could not really please their audienceC. She was jolly when the lion roared because she thought it was the funniest part of the playD. She was tearful when Thisbe died—this was the only part that she really appreciatedE. She wanted an epilogue because she wanted to know what the dead have to say about the afterlife. B
What do all of the fairies do after everyone in the Duke’s home is asleep?A. Take flowers from the garden for their hairB. They go to clean the woods to clean up the lovers’ damageC. They sing to the moon and the stars and celebrate Titania and Oberon’s reunion.D. They go out into the town to play tricks on the actors.E. None of the above E
Who played the wall in the play?A. BottomB. LysanderC. SnoutD. PuckE. Snug C
What does Bottom do once the play is over?a. He asks his fellow actors if they would like to go for a drink at the town’s innb. He asks if the audience would like to see the epiloguec. He asks if the audience would like to hear the Bergomask dance that his company preparedd. He asks if the audience enjoyed the play, and, if so, would they like to see it again?e. He goes right into singing the ballad of his dream, but Quince stops him after the first line. BC
Who does Puck address at the play’s end?A) Oberon, who may have been offended by the “shadows,” Titania’s fairiesB) The lovers who watched the Thisbe and Pyramus storyC) The “shadows,” or shapeshifters like Puck, who play innocent tricks that often turn into a mess like the mess the lovers experienced.D) The audience watching Midsummer Night’s Dream, who may have been offended by the “shadows,” or actorsE) The shadows that the actors have offended by being so “rude” in their abilities, or those who have no true acting skill D
Who dances to bless the weddings?A. TitaniaB. OberonC. Titania’s fairiesD. Oberon’s fairiesE. Philostrate ABCD
Which of these is NOT a play mentioned to the Duke?A. “The Conquest of Olympus…”B. “The Thrice Three Muses Mourning for the Death of Learning…”C. “The Riot of the Tipsy Bacchanals…”D. “The Marrying of King Midas’ Daughter…”E. “The Battle with the Centaurs…” AD
To what part of the show does Hippolyta refer when she says, “he hath played….like a child upon a recorder”?A. The prologueB. The lion’s roarC. Thisbe’s lament over PyramusD. Bottom’s initial lines as PyramusE. Thisbe’s part as a whole A
What did Puck say those who the play offended?A. You are losersB. Leave nowC. Pretend it’s a dreamD. Give applauseE. It’s real life C
What best describes Theseus’ attitude towards the play?A. He likes it and thinks they’re all very talentedB. He wants to watch it because he wants to thank them for tryingC. He hates it and stops the play in the middleD. He doesn’t even let the play go on to perform because the story hits too close to homeE. He wants to torture Hippolyta and show her that he is boss and can make her watch really bad actors, so he wants to watch it for that reason B
Who are left to bury Pyramus and Thisbe in the play according to Theseus and Demetrius?A) MoonshineB) WallC) LionD) Thisbe’s motherE) Thisbe’s father ABC
How does Philostrate feel about the rude mechanicals’ play?A) he loves itB) he thinks it’s too longC) he doesn’t think it is worth watchingD) he wants to be in itE) he thinks that Theseus would play a better Pyramus BC