Midsummer night’s dream act 3

abide (Verb) to continue to put up with ; S. taulrate A. avoid
auditor (noun) inspector ; S. analist A. none
beseech (verb) to beg for; S. plead A. reply/offer
Chronicled (verb) to record in sequence; S. narroater A. conceal
confounding (verb) to perplex or amase; S. bewildred A. clarafy
derision (noun) ridicule mockery; S. insalt tease A. complement
Disparage (Verb) to speak of or treat slightingly; S.belittled A.admire
entralled (verb) to charm to capativate; S. mesmorize A. lour
enamored (adj) to be filled or inflamed with love; S. captvated A.discusted
jangling (verb) to cause discomfert or make upset; S. rattle A. help
loam (noun) earth; S. soil A. air
officious (adj) offering ones unrequested services S. buzzy A. timid
proverb (noun) a short popular saying; S. moral/adage A. none
Purge (verb) to get rid of, free, clear; S.cleanse/purify A. dirty
wonted (adj) lacking or absent; S. necessary/needed A. fulfilled